Kuch Ankahi’s Enigmatic Charm Leaves Our Heart Yearning for More

Kuch Ankahi ending
Kuch Ankahi ending

As the credits rolled and Kuch Ankahi concluded after an emotional roller coaster that was encapsulated in twenty-seven episodes, we were left in awe, completely mesmerized by this visual treat.

Airing on ARY Digital, Kuch Ankahi is an enchanting watch that unravels the subtle nuances of human connection, breaks the haunting silences, presents a flawed protagonist who is a victim of her circumstances, and a heartwarming love story that has a journey of its own.

Directed by Nadeem Baig, a maestro who has perfected his craft, giving us many hits including classical dramas like Sinf-e-Aahan and Mere Paas Tum Ho. The drama is penned by Syed Mohammad Ahmed and co-written by Muhammad Yasir. Mohammad Ahmed has a large body of work in acting as well as screenwriting and his popular written dramas include Teri Meri Jodi, Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay.

A production by Kashf Foundation in collaboration with Six Sigma Plus, Kuch Ankahi celebrates the small moments of life and entangles the audience in its subtle intricacies.

Here is why Kuch Ankahi struck a chord with the viewers:

The well-executed last episode for Kuch Ankahi ended with a bang

The last episode of Kuch Ankahi left a profound impact on its viewers as each character reached a logical conclusion that did not derail from the plot it was resting on while keeping the element of curiosity alive as the viewers await to see who Aaliya (Sajal Aly) ends up with.

Credit where it is due, Nadeem Baig extended his years of experience and his undeniable talent to create Kuch Ankahi and did not hold back from giving a last episode that perhaps makes Kuch Ankahi a contender to be counted among one of the classical dramas.

The last fifteen minutes were no less than a visual delight for Kuch Ankahi viewers, who patiently tuned in for twenty-seven weeks to follow the journey of Aaliya, Asfar, Salman, and all the other characters that were intertwined with them.

The climax unfolded as Aaliya bids farewell to Asfar (Sheheryar Munawar) and accepts Salman’s (Bilal Abbas) proposal. The last scene was a million bucks when Salman gives the ring to Aaliya and she accepts it and all the Bilal Abbas and Sajal Aly fans rejoice, seeing such a heartfelt scene of one of their beloved on-screen couples.

The dance sequence and all the celebration that followed were well choreographed and the drone shot where we see an ariel shot of the house-from where the story begin-was a marvelous way to conclude the drama.

The tale of a girl determined to fight any obstacle that comes her way

An integral part of Kuch Ankahi was Aaliya, the protagonist of the drama on which, if not the entire, a significant portion, of the drama rested on.

Sajal Aly once again proves her mantle, convincing us that there is no role that she can’t do. She embraces Aaliya with all her heart, depicting the pain and sorrow that she keeps to herself, as she fights for her family, determined to earn a decent living. So much so, that when it comes to choosing a life partner for herself, her ears are deaf to her own voice, for she has forgotten that she ever had any. 

Aaliya resonates with many women out there…women of substance that are making sacrifices in their own ways and forms for their families, completely forgetting themselves in the way.

What makes Aaliya human is that she is nowhere near perfect. In fact, it is her flaws that make us fall in love with her more than us despising her.

Kuch Ankahi dives deep into the story of a middle-class family that is close to home

The soul-stirring drama weaves a connection with the viewers that is personal and resonates differently with each of us.

It walks us through issues that we are often silent about. From property issues and financial troubles that often result in conflict, to society’s attitude towards parents with all daughters, Kuch Ankahi covers it all. The plot reflects on a story of a reticent woman who finds her independence after giving it all in her marriage, an ambitious teenager who refuses to succumb to the norms of society, and a valiant woman who stands tall in front of the world to earn a decent living.

Asfar vs. Salman: The triangle love story that made it hard for us to choose

What a treat it was to see two talented actors from our entertainment industry sharing the screen together. For weeks Asfar and Salman had the audience divided, leaving them perplexed and undecided when it comes to choosing who is better for Aaliya.

Bilal Abbas essayed the role of Salman to perfection. As viewers we thoroughly enjoyed the arc of Salman and Aaliya’s love story, from fighting like cats and dogs to falling for each other but being separated due to their duties.

On the other hand, Sheheryar Munawar as Asfar added the fireworks that Kuch Ankahi needed in the middle. His entry worked as a botox for the drama, that provided a relift to a good enough story.

Sheheryar exhibited the complex emotions of Asfar tactfully, causing our opinions to oscillate like a pendulum, swaying from one end to the other.

The weak links that could have been executed better:

While Kuch Ankahi undeniably earns our applause for its numerous accomplishments, it also faced moments of imbalance, causing the drama to waver intermittently.

One of its biggest flaws was perhaps too many intertwined subplots that were at times a source of dismay for the audience. With such a strong lead cast, audience craved to see more of them on-screen, which was taken away when too many plots unfolded. It also caused confusion among the viewers to understand and relate with all the characters.

In addition, the drama also unfolded unevenly at times. A few episodes and plots were dragged and were given undeserving screen time that took away from the user experience, while other plots that needed time were rushed.

Our Verdict

Kuch Ankahi is one of those dramas that we will cherish even after it has concluded. It is an amalgamation of excellent storytelling, skillful direction, and impressive acting, that together has been able to establish its own category among the many projects that we see.


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