Sirf Tum Review: A Heartening Story of Two People Brought Together By Love

Sirf Tum Review

GEO TV’s new drama serial Sirf Tum is another addition to their list of romantic-family dramas that presents an enthralling love story.  

The new and fresh on-screen pairing of Anmol Baloch and Hamza Sohail adds more excitement for the viewers. Anmol is known for her work in projects like Mann Aangan, Aik Sitam Aur, and Qurbatain among others. While Hamza Sohail developed an avid fan following his Ramzan rom-com drama Fairytale.

Written by Seema Munaf and directed by Mazhar Moin, Sirf Tum is a signature style 7th Sky Entertainment production with larger-than-life frames, a jaw dropping set, and of course a dreamy and sizzling on-screen pairing.

Unwrapping the plot of Sirf Tum:

Sirf Tum centres around the love story of two cousins Hanan (played by Hamza Sohail) and Abeer (played by Anmol Baloch).

Brought up in a joint family, Hanan is a romantic by heart. He is heavily invested in studies and is essayed to be very mature and obedient. While Abeer lives abroad and is raised by her mother and stepfather.

The plot opens with Hanan and Hamza (Mohsin Abbas) who are cousins and live in the same house. While Hanan is more sensible, Hamza is shown to be a flirt and a rebel. Hanan has a crush on a girl in his university, but is too shy to approach her, and instead focuses on his study.

On the other hand, Abeer who is the only child, lives abroad. While she is shown to be close to her mother, she doesn’t have a healthy relationship with her stepfather. The story unravels when Abeer’s stepfather tries to make inappropriate advances at her, and an afraid Abeer and mother hastily come back to Pakistan, where Abeer’s grandmother wants her to marry either Hanan or Hamza.

The rest of the cast of the drama includes Sakina Khan, Fazila Kazi, Hiba Aziz, Erum Akhter, Ayesha Gul, Sabiha Hashmi, Akber Islam, Zia Gurchani, and Salma Asim.

Our take on the new pairing in Sirf Tum:

The first episode ended with a cliff hanger as Hanan and Abeer interact with each other for the first time, leaving the audience anticipating the next episode eagerly.

Due to the limited screen time that both the actors shared together, the viewers still have to wait to see how this love story unfolds and how the lead actors look together on-screen.

But from the teasers and the OST that were released prior to the first episode of the drama, Hamza Sohail and Anmol Baloch promise good on-screen chemistry that the audience will root for.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that since this will be Hamza Sohail’s first project after Fairytale, the expectations and hopes that his fans have associated from him are elevated. We hope that he dazzles the audience with his performance.

Elements we wished were executed better:

Sirf Tum seems from the surface another run-of-the-mill drama with the same love story between two cousins who are forced to marry each other. With GEO’s recent hits like Tere Bin and Jhoom, expectations attached to the channel are certainly high and we hope that they bring originality to plots that hook the viewer’s attention.

Secondly, we highly anticipate seeing more empowering female leads in our dramas. Anmol’s character Abeer hardly had limited dialogues in the first episode and was hardly seen to take a stand for herself against her stepfather, especially when he enters her room without her consent.

We also don’t see any mention of Abeer’s education or career aspirations in the drama, even when she moves to Pakistan, leaving her life behind in abroad. We wish to see female characters who are more career oriented and have aspirations and goals.

Overall, Sirf Tum seems like a promising watch, especially for all those viewers who want to see a romantic family-oriented drama that is encapsulated in lavish and larger-than-life frames.


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