The Good and Bad of Pakistani Drama Sequels 

Pakistani dramas are well-known among the audience for their compelling narratives, adept direction, and impressive performances that deeply resonate with audiences. From the iconic PTV era to contemporary times, the scripts and narratives have evolved while maintaining a devoted fan base, both at home and abroad. In the case of highly popular dramas, producers often contemplate the creation of sequels to build upon that success.

While this is a popular concept practiced by international production houses, Pakistani dramas usually wrap as a stand-alone series. However, over the years several producers have taken the initiative of bringing another season to life of hit dramas. Recently, two of the mega hit projects Fairy Tale and Tere Bin have been renewed for a second season.

However, while the idea of revisiting beloved stories and characters may be attractive, there are both positive and negative aspects to Pakistani drama sequels. Let’s dive deep to assess the success of several such projects.  

Taking a trip down memory lane: Revisiting old dramas that had a sequel

Khuda Aur Mohabbat

GEO TV’s drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat garnered massive popularity among fans and the drama comprised of three seasons all of which have their own fan base.

Hashim Nadeem has penned all the three seasons of this series while all the seasons been directed by different directors including Anjum Shahzad (season 1), Ali Usama (season 2), Syed Wajahat Hussain (Season 3).

The first and second seasons revolved around the story of the same central characters, Hammad and Imaan, played by Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan respectively. It is the story of two star-struck lovers who belong from different backgrounds; Hammad belongs from an elite and modern family while Imaan is the daughter of a maulvi who works at Hammad’s family.

The third season introduces new characters starring Feroze Khan and Iqra Aziz as Farhad and Mahi. This season follows the same theme as the previous two seasons of an incomplete love story of two individuals separated by social class and family pressure while centering around the idea of God and religion.

All the three seasons were highly successful and were received well by the audience. Fans not only appreciated the drama but also praised the set of OSTs released. In fact, the OST of the third season has more than 287 million views on YouTube.

Suno Chanda:

The Ramzan rom-com drama Suno Chanda set a precedent for upcoming Ramzan dramas and created an entirely new category of Pakistani dramas. The first of many, Suno Chanda received unparalleled praise from the audience.

The drama comprised of two seasons with the story revolving around the same characters. The drama followed the story of Ajiya Nazakat (Iqra Aziz) and Arsalan Jamshed (Farhan Saeed) and how their relationship evolved from being each other’s arch enemies to falling in love with each other. The second season continued where the first season ended and centered around their married life as a young couple.

The drama is close to home for many viewers in Pakistan and globally due to many relatable moments encapsulated in the drama from dissecting relationships closely in a joint family system to highlighting the struggles of different individuals in various age groups and, lastly, giving food for thought in context with several domestic untouched issues, all wrapped in humor.

Although both the seasons were a success in terms of numbers, some viewers were disappointed with the second season as it did not live up to the expectations of some. This is very common to see that when a drama achieves undisputed levels of success it sometimes finds it hard to even surpass itself in the future.

Mera Saaein:

A political saga revolving around power play, Mera Saaein comprised of two seasons and aired on ARY Digital. The first season revolves around the life of Malik Wajahat Ali (Noman Ijaz), a feudal lord and politician, whose unending pursuit of women, power, and wealth has caused immense suffering for many women. Despite his significant influence over others, he remains fixated on having a male heir.

The story also follows Shazmeen (Sunita Marshall), who lived and studied in the UK, and married Wajahat with the hope of bringing positive change. The story tenses when Shazmeen finds her hopes broken and finds her best friend Naina as her enemy.

The second season takes a dramatic shift and the hinger for power intensifies. The two surviving wives of Malik Wajahat, Shazmeen and Naina, have now become bitter enemies.

While the first season received appreciation and accolades the second season could not live up to the same expectations. Although it is imperative to note that with the absence of the availability of season 2 on YouTube, it is hard to judge the popularity by the numbers though.


A recent addition to the supernatural horror genre, Bandish performed well and filled the gap for the need of a good horror Pakistani serial. Currently the second season of the drama is on air and both the seasons are written by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami and directed by Aabis Raza.

With a new cast for the second season, the drama got a refresh look. However, the story for the second season has failed to carry the baton forward and Bandish 2 is not as exciting and watchable as season 1.

Landa Bazar:

Landa Bazar is a 2002 Pakistani drama serial which aired on Prime Entertainment (STN). The drama’s sequel released 15 years later by the title Laal Ishq. Both the seasons are directed by Dilawar Malik and written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar.

Landa Bazar revolves around Bali (Babar Ali), a young man facing the challenges of surviving in a world filled with crime and corruption. Amidst these difficulties, he also endeavors to nurture his relationship with his fiancée, Zohra (Farah Shah).

The sequel, Laal Ishq continues with a new plot while maintaining a coherent continuity and follows a rational trajectory, with an amalgamation of both the new and original cast.

Both the seasons performed well and Landa Bazar makers were able to deliver despite a 15 year gap.

Our expectations from upcoming dramas renewed for a second season:

The evident benefit of a sequel is the pre-established popularity that the drama has among the masses. It guarantees instant attention to the upcoming venture. However, high expectations can often be crumbled easily.

With the announcement of two sequels of highly popular dramas coming up, viewers are simultaneously excited and skeptical to see the two projects, afraid whether they will live up to the mark or not.

Tere Bin:

Directed by Siraj-ul-Haque and written by Nooran Makhdoom, Tere Bin comprised of 58 episodes in total. The drama garnered more than 3 billion views of YouTube altogether and eclipsed all the other projects over the years.

Although the drama is your run-of-the-mill love story, the magic and chemistry created by the lead actors, Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi as Murtasim Khan and Meerub, respectively stands unprecedented.

The drama followed the lives of Murtasim, a feudal lord and Meerub, an aspiring lawyer. Fate brings them together when they get married due to the pressure of their families and so begins the love-hate saga which compels the audience for 58 episodes.

The first season ended on a happy note and soon the makers announced another season of the hit play.

Tere Bin is a drama that will be talked about for years to come due to the long list of records it broke.

While there is no denying that the fan base of Tere Bin is one of its kind, however, the masses believe that the drama concluded on a high note and there is no need for another season. To make a sequel of Tere Bin is risky to say the least.

There are no official announcements about the plot or the cast of Tere Bin yet. But let’s hope that the makers who did it once will do it again and will create a mesmerizing show for the audience.

Fairy Tale:

HUM TV’s Ramzan drama Fairy Tale, which is directed by Ali Hasan and written by Saira Majeed, takes the audience on a laughter-filled journey that humorously explores life, relationships, and dreams. The story revolves around Umeed (Sehar Khan) and Farjad (Hamza Sohail), with other significant characters including Haya (Aena Khan), Sameer (Adnan Raza Mir), and AK Khan (Ali Safina).

The plot revolved around Umeed’s quest for fortune and how she ends up trying her luck on a game show and winning a large sum of money. Umeed’s desires have repercussions on others around her. The drama explores the repercussions of pursuing shortcuts to riches while also giving typical romantic-comedy relief through other interesting characters.

The second season of Fairy Tale was announced on Eid-ul-Adha with a rendition of the OST by the cast members. A few teasers of the sequel have already been released which has the audience excited.

The second season boosts the same cast and promises the same humor with romantic moments between the lead couple, that has the fans excited. Which of the sequels are you excited to watch on television? What is your take on the second seasons for a show? Do share with us in the comments.


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