Pakistani Drama Crescendos: Delving into Recent Epic Climaxes

Pakistani drama climaxes

Pakistani audience’s commitment to dramas is unwavering. Viewers tune in every week-or in some cases every day- for months on end to see a drama head towards its end. As the curtains are closed and the credits roll with the conclusion of a drama, the most unforgettable part is the climatic moments that lead to it.

The climax of a drama, followed by its conclusion, can indeed establish how the drama will be remembered for years to come. From heart-wrenching revelations to nail-biting confrontations, from underwhelming ending to illogical plot twist, it is safe to say Pakistani audience has seen it all.

Let’s deconstruct the climaxes of recently ended Pakistani dramas and their impact.

Tere Bin:

Concluding a drama that practically ruled all platforms related to the Pakistani entertainment industry and had 3+ billion views on YouTube collectively for its 58 episodes, is difficult to say the least.

However, while Tere Bin ended on a happy note, its climax was a bit contrary to viewer expectations. While we expected a grand climax and gesture that brought Murtasim and Meerub together after years, all we got was a combination of some over dramatic gestures by Haya-the main antagonist- a conclusion that didn’t justify Haya’s punishment for all the heinous crimes she committed.

The saving grace was eventually the happy conclusion in which the audience were graced with some Meerub-Murtasim scenes.

Kuch Ankahi:

Kuch Ankahi was indeed a visual treat for the audience and its last episode is perhaps among one of the best concluding episodes we have seen in years. The maestro Nadeem Baig proved his talent with this one and left the audience in awe.

The last episode had it all; suspense, drama, romance, and element of curiosity, which remain intact through the entirety of the last episode. The drama reached a logical conclusion that did not derail from the plot it was resting on while keeping the element of curiosity alive as the viewers wait to see who Aaliya ends up with.

The last face-off between Asfar and Salman gave us goosebumps, our heart torn between the two, as we waited for Aaliya to make her choice. The climax unfolded as the viewers witnessed an emotionally charged scene where Aaliya bids farewell to Asfar and decides to accept Salman’s proposal.

The brilliantly crafted dialogues and heartfelt performances, this drama’s climax left an indelible mark on the hearts of its viewers, one that will be remembered for years.

Baby Baji:

The recent ending and the climax of the popular drama, Baby Baji left audiences in tears. This was one of those projects which the audience hoped to continue to air on television.

Baby Baji is a drama that resonates with masses and is close to reality, perhaps due to which it deems fit that the drama concluded with an ending that is more near to reality.

While the entire last episode did not have an adrenaline-pumping climax per say, as each character asked for redemption and realized their mistakes, the ultimate showdown was when Baby Baji passes away, leaving the characters and the audience in tears. As the drama ended on a sorrowful note, it reminded the viewers that life does not give second chances and at times does not allow you to seek redemption for your wrongdoings.

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha:

The last episode of Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha opened with a banger and a plot twist as Maheer double-cross Abeer to bail Saad from jail. Following this, the fans eventually see Maheer and Saad reunite and Maheer accepts Saad as her husband.

The rest of the episode lacked a thrilling climax that would make the last episode engaging. It lacked any jaw-dropping or shock value moments that would uplift the episode.  Instead, what the audience got from the last episode was Areeb’s journey to redemption, his sulkiness, and suffering.

The only saving grace was the last few minutes of the episode where the viewers saw some awe-worthy moments of their favourite couple, as they sat together relishing their time together with each other. The cute banter followed by the declaration of his love by Saad had the audience thrilled.  


Bakhtawar was a compelling and unique story, deserving a strong climax, and that is precisely what it got.

While there were no intense face-offs and melodramatic moments, Bakhtawar stood its ground to deliver its own climax at its own pace. The drama concluded on a high note, breaking stereotypes, and empowering its audience.

The climax showcased Bakhtawar’s journey of self-discovery, defying societal norms and prevailing against all odds. We see Bakhtawar receiving all the applause and recognition she deserves for all the adversary she has gone through and eventually becomes a well-known society figure. The last scene where she visits her village as a confidant woman striving to bring a change won our hearts. This uplifting and thought-provoking climax and conclusion deserves appreciation for its progressive narrative.

Lastly, Bakhtawar and Ahad’s cute interaction and Ahad’s never-ending support for Bakhtawar won our hearts.

Fairy Tale:

For a romantic-comedy drama, Fairy Tale did a job well done to keep the audience engaged and intact the element of suspense till the last episode.

The drama’s last episode had the audience guessing as we see a determined Umeed determined trying her luck to win at the game show, infuriating both her father and Farjad. The viewers are left hooked to see whether Umeed will win or not, if so, will Farjad and her father forgive her?

 With so many questions, the plot keeps us engaged and eventually climax was worth the watch as Umeed wins but refuses to keep the prizes, winning the heart of both Farjad and her father.

The conclusion that followed left the audience in awe as Farjad and Umeed declared their love for each other and the drama wrapped in a dreamy setting.

Pyari Mona:

For most Pyari Mona fans, the last episode was underwhelming and lacked a proper climax. Most of the audience felt that the story was dragged in between, after a strong start, and ended with a hasty conclusion.

Pyari Mona was a flagbearer of a strong social message about body shaming and society’s beauty standards. However, this message was lost in the last episode.

In addition, while we expected a strong face-off between Babar and Mona and their decision to stay married or get a divorce, we only got to see their interaction in the last scene of the drama. We wished to see Mona taking a stand for herself and telling Babar where he was wrong, instead it was Babar’s attempt to convince Mona to stay married to him.

The drama ended with an open ending and a cliffhanger as the viewers do not know whether Mona stays with Babar or not.

From Kuch Ankahi’s awe-inspiring conclusion, filled with suspense and heartfelt emotions, to Baby Baji’s realistic and tearful ending, each drama brought something unique to the table. It is indeed the thrilling climax of a story followed by a logical conclusion that makes a drama remembered for years to come.

Which story according to you had the best climax? Do share with us.


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