Fairy Tale Picks Up from Where It Left with Exciting Start to Season 2

Fairytale S2

The wait is over for all Fairy Tale fervent fans, who were eagerly anticipating the release of the second season, with their magical wish bestowed by HUM TV as the mega episode of the drama aired on Saturday night. Hence, double the dose of entertainment.

For those living under a rock, who didn’t know about Fairy Tale, here is a little recap. HUM TV’s romantic-comedy Fairy Tale released last Ramadan. The drama follows the story of an undeterred girl, Umeed, aiming to live a life of luxury and have it all without putting in the effort. A game show not only changes her life but also introduces her to Farjad, with whom she falls in love. The story navigates around Umeed and Farjad and their love story with a parallel track of other characters including Haya, Sameer, AK Khan, and Mimi.

With millions of views, massive popularity and a strong fan base under their belt, the makers of Fairy Tale decided to renew the drama for another season, continuing the story with the same characters.

Fairy tale continues to win hearts:

Combined, the drama has more than 6 million views on the first episode, which was released in two parts, reaffirming the massive popularity of Fairy Tale.

As they say, numbers don’t lie. The saying stands true in the case of Fairy Tale which has not only received a substantial number of views but also received appreciation from the fans who thoroughly enjoyed the mega episode.

Let’s dive deep to see what stood out in the second season of the drama.

The quintessential execution:

Written by Sarah Majeed and directed by Ali Hassan, Fairy Tale 2 continues to represent the troubles of the youth, ever so subtly, which is ingrained into a romantic tale.

The episode begins with a recap of the first season, in a rather intelligent way, where we see all the characters relishing the old memories as a movie running in a cinema.

The rest of the episode also unfolds seamlessly from where the last season left off.

Is it going to be a magical ending for these three Fairy Tale couples?

What makes Fairy Tale an engaging plot is undoubtedly the characters and the ensemble cast, which make every scene worth watching.

As for our lead couple, we see Umeed (Sehar Khan) and Farjad (Hamza Sohail) head over heels in love, anticipating their marriage soon. However, the couple finds it difficult to separate their professional and personal life when Umeed joins Farjad’s office. Due to conflict of interests, we see trouble in paradise.

However, we thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Umeed and Farjad, especially in the scene when Farjad finds Umeed sleeping in his office. It was refreshing for the audience to see the romantic side of Farjad taking over and needless to say Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail managed to keep the magic of their chemistry alive.

However, things are not going so well for the rest of the two couples. On one side we see Mimi (Amna Youzasaif) desperately reaching out to AK Khan (Ali Safina) who is nowhere in the picture and apparently off to Dubai.

As for Haya (Aena Khan) and Sameer (Adnan Raza Mir) their marriage plans are put to a halt after Haya plans to become a doctor. We appreciate the writer for inculcating a progressive plot where the girl is encouraged to fulfill her dreams.

All the three narratives intertwined together, alongside a substantial contribution by the rest of the cast, make the drama enthralling and entertaining to watch.

The rest of the members of the cast includes Saleem Sheikh, Salma Hasan, Tehseen Wajahat, Hina Rizvi, and Saman Ansari.

The satirical commentary on social evils:

Perhaps the iconic scene of this week’s episode was Nighat’s track (Farjad’s mother) who is torn between being the kind mother-in-law and the evil and possessive mother who refuses to accept her son’s wife.

Saman Ansari nailed it with her performance as she depicted the various emotions of a mother who is possessive about her son and afraid of losing him, as a new woman enters her life, while trying to figure out the best way to embrace her new role as a mother-in-law.

Furthermore, the scene which had the audience rolling on the floor was the scene where Farjad, Umeed, Mimi, and Nighat do an enactment from a television Indian soap opera scene in Nighat’s imagination.

This scene and the entire plot were a fresh break from all the saas-bahu saga and damsel in distress dramas we see every day.

We cannot wait to see how the bond between Nighat and Umeed develops and how the dynamic duo breaks the stereotypes.   It is hard to live up to the expectations of the audience after a successful season, but Fairy Tale makers have done so with their sequel. The drama has managed to keep intact the original elements which the audience loved while adding different elements and plots to the story.


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