Promising Beginnings: Mein Kicks Off with a Gripping First Episode

Mein first episode

The new drama around the block Mein came and conquered, leaving a striking impact on the audience following the release of the first episode. And the question is why shouldn’t it have? After the release of a promising set of teasers that left us intrigued, the first episode was a must watch for not only Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan fans but also for all Pakistani drama fanatics sniffing for a compelling story. And we assure you they got one.  

Produced by Big Bang Entertainment, the drama Mein aired on ARY Digital, taking the coveted Monday slot and replacing the popular show Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. Wahaj Ali fans could not be more elated with this allotment, for this means an uninterrupted screen time of their favourite actor on Mondays.   

Unveiling the plot:  

Mein is a direction of Badar Mehmood and is penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah; a combo which has previously given many hit projects like television series Balaa. Combining their artistic creativity, the director-writer is all set to give the audience another compelling drama to watch out for. 

Mein opens with a larger-than-life shot of Zayd (Wahaj Ali) standing tall, exuding grace and power, on a yacht in the sea, with a voiceover in the background explaining the difference between ‘ana and khudi’ (ego and self-respect). This sets the tone for the rest of the episode, triumphantly keeping the audience hooked.  

Cut to, we are introduced to Mubashira (Ayeza Khan), a rich, spoiled, self-obsessed individual, who is adamant to have things her way. She is married to Mohib, a patient and accommodating individual who tries his best to win his wife’s heart, succumbing to her small needs and demands.  

The episode unravels as Mubashira prepares for her second wedding anniversary, determined to ensure everything turns out to be perfect. Zayd, is also expected to be in attendance for the anniversary party, following his return from Dubai.  

Azeekah Daniel also makes an appearance in the drama as Ayra. Ayra belongs from a middle-class family and lives with her brother and his wife after her parents’ death. Determined to prove herself, Ayra is determined to get a job while her brother wants her to get married. However, Ayra refuses every proposal for Zayd, who is interested in her.  

Following this we see the wedding anniversary party of Mohib and Mubashira, where Mohib is nowhere to be seen. Zayd is in attendance with his father and sister alongside a houseful of guests. The drama ends on an intense note as Mubashira receives divorce papers from Mohib as an anniversary gift.  

Remarkable execution:  

The episode was an exciting watch that exuded suspense, thrill, and a lot of drama. While we have seen several projects in the past years about the life of the rich, the effortless direction and intelligent writing promises something out of the box and unique in the case of Mein.  

Furthermore, the lavish domains of Mohib and Mubashira’s as well as Zayd’s house exudes luxury that make the drama more opulent and worthwhile to watch.  

The performances: 

Ayeza Khan ate and left no crumbs. She stole the show as Mubashira and made her presence felt. She depicted the cold-heartedness and Mubashira’s self-obsessed, arrogant nature aptly on-screen. Also, her wardrobe choice was immaculate that added to her character and made it more believable.  

As of Wahaj Ali, he ruled the scene with his magnetic and charismatic personality. Although, the first episode did not show much for the audience to explore Zayd’s character and thus the margin for Wahaj to perform was lean. 

But one thing we can say with certainty is that Wahaj and Ayeza have burst the initial doubts the audience have of their unusual pairing and promise a sizzling chemistry in the future episodes.  

The drama has a strong supporting cast which includes Usman Peerzada, Shehzad Nawaz, Aijaz Aslam, Agha Mustafa, Nameer Khan, Sabeena Syed, Alizay Rasool, Rohi Ghazali, and Shiza Khan. 

Our Projection: 

Since the promo and teasers of the drama have already laid out a blueprint for the drama; viewers can expect Zayd and Mubashira getting married soon, due to their family pressure, after Mubashira gets a divorce and Ayra’s brother refuses to marry her to Zayd. 

As Zayd and Mubashira get married, what waits to be seen is the battle between two clashing egos and humans who refuse to surrender and compromise i.e the battle of ‘mein’ and the journey of from ‘mei hoon’ to ‘mei tha’. The concept is unique and intriguing to watch and we are looking forward to see the upcoming episodes of Mein.  


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