How Green Entertainment Dramas Compare to Other Entertainment Content

Green Entertainment

Pakistani viewers have become quite savvy these days. Just a little over a decade ago, people only had their televisions as a source of entertainment at home. This has changed over the years with places like YouTube and streaming services such as Netflix becoming more common in the country.

The options are now endless for the audience and Pakistani dramas don’t enjoy the luxury of being the only source of entertainment. So Green Entertainment entered the marketplace at a time when viewers have a lot of complaints from the content being presented to them by TV serials. Let’s see how they used that to their advantage and how they are faring almost a month after launching.

Fresh New Stories

Viewers have been very clear about the fact that they are tired of seeing stories that only focus on saas bahu drama or domestic violence. They crave stories that feature something new and exciting and that is exactly what Green Entertainment is giving them.

All their shows are unlike each other, featuring fresh and unique storytelling. The stories are character-driven, and said characters are incredibly dynamic and three-dimensional. There are romance dramas like Kabli Pulao and Idiot which are much more than just romantic stories.

Kabli Pulao showcases Afghan refugees and features a love story between a middle-aged man and an Afghan widow. Themes of the show also include showing people of different cultures and backgrounds falling in love and building a relationship together. Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and Sabeena Farooq have both garnered praise for their performances.

Daurr is an adaptation of a book which features three women from different walks of life. Daurr refers to the race of getting on top in life and where ambition takes us. It gives us three unapologetically ambitious women, both as housemakers and businesswomen.

Then we have Jindo which is a show about a woman fiercely tackling the patriarchy in a tribal setting. The rich and arresting backdrop of the Sindhi deserts is captured really well by the show. The show, which is based on a true story, is meant to be an incredibly impowering story for all women.

These are just a few examples out of a plethora of new and exciting content from the new network.

Siyaah is a Game Changer

While the rest of the shows mentioned above are still dramas, Siyaah is something new. This is Green Entertainment’s new show which blends genres like thriller, drama and comedy with the horror genre. The show is an anthology series featuring multiple stories that aren’t connected.

Audiences are loving this one a lot, with the show’s YouTube comments filled with viewers comparing it to Netflix shows. That is quite high praise considering the caliber of content that Netflix produces. Shows like Siyaah allow the audience to relax and enjoy an hour of different horror stories, which is a staple of TV networks across the globe but was sorely missing from our channels.

Green Entertainment truly has something special on their hands. They have tapped into topics that audiences have been dying to see on their screens. Their choice of adding anthologies and miniseries is also inspired. We can’t wait to see what more content they put out.


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