When Will Our Public Stop Berating Celebs During Their Happy Moments?

Celebs celebrating happy moments

As a nation we are quick to point out mistakes of those in the public eye. A slip here and a controversy would have taken birth before you even know it. This puts our actors in a difficult spot. Do they alienate the world to protect their privacy? Or should they continue sharing their personal life with their fans despite the potential of negative remarks? Is it even acceptable for the audience to comment or express their disapproval irrespective of the fact whether they are in limelight or not? 

These are strenuous questions to answer but a real-life situation that requires to deal with them is much harder. So how do our actors draw the line when it comes to opening up about their personal life? 

Over the years we have seen actors opting for different routes. Let’s dive a bit deeper to see how the biggest stars of the country balance the art of sharing and protecting their personal lives.  

Anzela Abbasi wedding controversy

Anzela Abbasi, the daughter of Juvaria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi, recently tied the knot in a sequence of grand functions. However, despite the joyous occasion, the aura was pierced by sham, cryptic social media posts and controversial remarks due to several events. Firstly, Shamoon Abbasi, Anzela’s father and Juvaria’s ex-husband, was not in attendance, causing people to speculate. To add fuel to the fire, there was an exchange of cryptic and ambiguous messages on social media by Juvaria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi. 

Anzela also found herself embroiled in controversy on her wedding. She came under fire for her decision to wed during Muharram, a holy month for many. Additionally, Anzela’s modern and edgy choice of attire throughout the wedding ceremonies was also questioned by some. 

Social media enthusiasts didn’t hold back in openly expressing their disapproval, a situation that might have posed a challenge for the bride. Two contrasting viewpoints have emerged. Some believe it’s the bride’s significant day, granting her the autonomy to choose her attire and embrace her comfort. Conversely, an opposing stance highlights that sharing videos and photos invites public commentary and it falls within rights of the public to express their opinion openly.  

To announce or not to announce: Aiman Khan and Minal Khan pregnancy news  

Another controversy that recently came to light was when the actress Minal Khan announced her pregnancy. Aiman Khan and Minal Khan were both expecting together indeed a delight for their families. Aiman Khan, who hadn’t announced her pregnancy, took to Instagram to announce the birth of her second daughter, Miral Muneeb, born on August 7th.  

Following that, Minal Khan announced her pregnancy with an awe-worthy photoshoot with her husband. However, the couple came under scrutiny; while some people congratulated the young couple others were sceptical about the ‘modern’ photoshoot and considered it was best to keep this matter private.  

However, when it came to Aiman Khan, who didn’t announce her pregnancy, the public still did not leave the former actress in peace, constantly commenting on her body weight and body shamming Aiman for her weight gain.  

This leaves us perplexed as to what is the right approach for public figures to share the happy occasion with the fans, knowing the aftermath of both is criticism and public reprimand which causes distress to an expecting mother. 

Persistent Pattern: Instances of Celebrities Facing Public Hostility Over Time 

Regrettably, this is not an isolated occurrence. Over time, we have witnessed numerous instances where public figures have faced animosity due to matters that become known to the public, whether voluntarily or unintentionally.  

Hania Aamir has repeatedly faced the music for her outfit choice and the way the actress decides the carry herself. One may say that she is an independent woman, responsible for her own actions, but most of her audience feels okay to criticize the actress.  

If you think that Hania Aamir is prone to criticism because she opts to share her personal life, think again. Naimal Khawar who bid farewell to the limelight and only shared certain aspects of her personal life on her Instagram raised eyebrows for her alleged cosmetic surgeries. Although, the former actress never addressed the topic in public, she still had to face the backlash just because she is a public figure.  

Guarding their privacy: Actors who opt to remain away from unnecessary limelight 

Conversely, there exist actors who seldom engage in sharing their personal lives. Their Instagram accounts primarily revolve around professional content, focusing on work-related updates and the promotion of their upcoming projects. 

There are many megastars who only occasionally share their personal lives with the public. Case in point Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly, Fawad Khan and Saba Qamar.  

In an era of heightened digital connectivity, it’s crucial for the general public to grasp the notion that actors, like everyone else, deserve their personal space. The spotlight they inhabit on screen shouldn’t be misconstrued as an invitation for invasive scrutiny in their off-screen lives.

As they conscientiously navigate their online presence, actors bear a responsibility to uphold a respectful and professional image. However, it’s equally imperative for the audience to be mindful of their remarks and critiques.


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