Transcending Borders: Kinza Hashmi and Karan Wahi Spark Magic in ‘Mere Ho Jao’

Kinza Hashmi and Karan Wahi

The long-cherished dream of seeing artists collaborate across borders has finally materialized with the debut of the music video ‘Mere Ho Jao.’ The video features actress Kinza Hashmi, alongside Karan Wahi, an Indian actor and host who gained fame through the popular Indian TV series ‘Dill Mill Gayye.’ 

A collaboration of Project 91 and Saaz Nawaz Entertainment, ‘Mere Ho Jao’ marks the much-awaited collaboration of Pakistani and Indian artists. This collaboration not only introduces a refreshing diversity to the lineup of on-screen talents but also infuses a renewed wave of creativity. 

Mere Ho Jao encapsulates a love story that transcends borders:  

Sung by the living legend, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and penned by Mani Manjot, ‘Mere Ho Jao’ weaves a romantic tale of two individuals that are separated by society and family and brought together by destiny.  

The YouTube description of the music video reads: “Mere Ho Jao is not just a song; it is a powerful testament to the boundless strength of love. It spreads a profound message that love knows no boundaries and has the power to conquer all obstacles, serving as an inspiration for viewers to embrace love and let it guide their way. 

Kinza Hashmi and Karan Wahi entice the audience with a compelling screen presence: 

Amanninder Singh, the director, skilfully captures an alluring tale of love set amidst Dubai’s sand dunes. The opening scene paints a vivid picture of a bustling bazaar adorned with an array of colourful and lively products, hinting at an exciting cinematic experience to come. 

Transitioning to the next scene, Kinza Hashmi graces the screen in an elegant cream-colored shalwar kameez, her trademark loose curls framing her look. Karan Wahi joins the frame, exuding a commanding presence in a brown shalwar kameez. Despite it being their first-ever collaboration, Kinza and Karan effortlessly step into their roles, perfectly complimenting each other’s energy. 

Both the actors’ expressions were on point throughout the music video, and they were brilliantly able to execute the pain and emotion of two individuals in love. The sizzling chemistry was captured well by the director and the music video became more enticing to watch as the narrative unfolded, eventually heading towards the climax.  

Fan reaction:  

Fans were left enchanted after watching the music video and praised the chemistry shared on-screen by Kinza and Karan.  

About Project 91: 

Project 91 is a global music project, launched in Dubai. They plan on releasing 91 songs in the next 2-3 years. The project aims to unite global stars from different countries to push a unified narrative for art and music.

Undoubtedly, projects like these serve as a testament to the boundless realms of creativity that can be achieved when artists from different horizons unite. Stifling the progress of art only results in harm to all involved. It is our fervent hope to see such pioneering collaborations in the future that propel artistic expression.  


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