5 Reasons Why Fairy Tale 2 Is Worth The Watch

Fairy Tale 2

The sequel of Fairy Tale has unquestionably exceeded expectations. Garnering millions of views and cultivating a delighted base is a remarkable feat, especially when it comes to meeting expectations of an already enthusiastic fan base following the success of season 1. However, Fairy Tale season 2 continues to thrive and captivate its audience.

Season 2 stands tall due to several reasons. Of course, it is owing to the undeniable chemistry and strong fan base that Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan have built post Fairy Tale season 1 success and the fun-filled episodes that the audience gets to enjoy.

Here are 5 reasons we believe Fairy Tale season 2 is worth watching.

Umeed and Farjad’s office romance and beyond

Farjad and Umeed have raised the bar when it comes to delivering an appealing love story to the audience. The dynamics shared between the couple is entertaining to watch, to say the least. The couple has perfected the right balance between romance, banter, and the element of friendship, intricated in their relationship.

The office sequences proved to be a visual delight, infused with an enchanting romantic essence. The myriad interactions held us captivated, particularly Umeed’s endearing possessiveness and Farjad’s unwavering protectiveness.

Our hearts were infused with warmth, seeing Umeed and Farjad’s tea sessions, knowing too well how Farjad would never drink tea before he met Umeed. Also, it was a visual delight to see Farjad’s attempt to patch up when things went south in the office with Umeed after he scolded her.

Needless to say, Farjad and Umeed are giving us couple goals!

The Dynamic Family Bonding

If the bond between Mimi and Farjad is not one of the reasons you would watch Fairy Tale 2, we don’t know what is. Mimi and Farjad emerge triumphant as one of the best on-screen sibling duos on our list. Their unwavering support to each other is worth applauding, especially when they face their mother’s scrutiny.

It’s a breath of fresh air to witness an unbreakable sibling bond on-screen which is usually substituted by sibling rivalry on-screen. Farjad’s stalwart backing, refusing to get Mimi married to her cousin when she does not want that, and the genuine respect for his sister alongside Mimi’s constant encouragement and support for Umeed and Farjad is worth appreciating.

The saga of evil mother-in-law and the satirical commentary 

Saman Ansari as Nighat is commanding the screen in every episode. While her character is one of the main sources of conflict in the show, she is still winning hearts.

The satirical element added to the drama with the whole saas-bahu saga, and the over-the-top execution of Indian drama sequences has the audience in fits and is a source of several memes and discussions. Kudos to the writer and director for adding this interesting spin to the whole mother-in-law element, where instead of showing Nighat changing into an outright evil person, they have added a humor element to the entire narrative.

Secondly, the drama has presented the external struggle of mother-in-law who is ripped in between choosing to be a decent mother-in-law while trying to protect her son she is afraid of losing him. The internal struggles of a to be mother-in-law are well depicted, and will certainly be relatable to many, thus making Fairy Tale a must watch.

Authentic portrayal of pre-wedding family conflicts

Fairy Tale 2 is successfully tackling another social issue with subtlety, wrapped in humor, so that it is not too in your face. In the drama we get to see Pasha sahab (Umeed’s father) and Nighat (Farjad’s mother) having a conflict in deciding whether to have a small or extravagant ceremony. This kind of issue and other disagreements are quite prevalent when two families plan the wedding ceremony of their children.

The writer has done a brilliant job in integrating this plot into the drama without it feeling forced and yet putting the point across.

Unfolding of Haya and Sameer’s love story

The doctor and artist on-screen chemistry in winning our hearts. Haya and Sameer’s love story took an unexpected path with the opening of the second season, but we certainly aren’t complaining.

The progression of the storyline takes a captivating turn when Haya resolves to pursue a career in medicine. This narrative arc becomes even more intriguing as the young couple embarks on a journey to keep the spirit of their relationship alive amidst the backdrop of their completely different professions.

This relatable narrative would have struck a chord with numerous young couples in the audience, as the drama mirrors their own struggle in finding the right balance between relationship and career. This brings us to end of our list. Share with us your favourite element of the sequel of Fairy Tale. If you haven’t tune in yet, what are you waiting for?


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