Motorway Incident Survivor Pleads Makers to Take Drama Hadsa Off-Air

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Reader discretion is advised. This article contains content about sexual assault that may not be suitable for some readers and can impact your mental health. Please read it at your own discretion.

Social dramas are a frequent part of the list of dramas produced every year. In fact, this ratio has been on the rise for some time. As an audience we watch the drama, appreciate the makers for raising the voice, highlight how grave the issue is, and then we get back to our lives, paying no heed to the issue. But have we ever wondered where these stories come from and the impact translating social issues into television dramas has on the survivors of these problems?

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a somber revelation emerged when journalist Fereeha Idrees took to Twitter to unveil a poignant thread. Within it, she cast a spotlight on her conversation with the survivor of the motorway rape incident that had shaken the nation some time ago. The survivor expressed her turmoil and rage on the depiction of her real-life story in the drama serial Hadsa and how it has taken a toll on her mental health in the past few weeks.

In the thread, Fereeha highlights how the survivor was shocked to see the drama mirror small details of her personal life, which were only known to a few people. She expressed her disapproval to the makers and all the people involved in executing the drama on narrating a story from her personal life without asking for her consent.

The survivor went on to explain how she still feels traumatized after the incident and would like her identity to be left veiled. Instead, she believes this drama adds to her family’s distress and makes it harder for her to carry on with her life than it already is.

The survivor, who wishes to remain anonymous, added that her culprits have still not been caught. She feels dejected that the real problem at hand remains still unresolved and her story is being brought to light instead. She pleads that the drama is taken off-air. Following attached is the post by Fereeha Idrees:

Is The Drama Hadsa Ethical?

The question at hand is what was the intention of the makers behind creating this project? The undeniable truth is that we are not in a position where we can pass judgments on the intentions of the makers. At the forefront of this narrative is Hadiqa Kiani, the lead actress who embodies the survivor’s role. She has consistently shown her willingness to address a multitude of societal challenges head-on. As a result, deciphering the true purpose behind the drama that whether it is for ratings or narrating the story of a rape survivor is hard to tell.

We can all agree on something without a shadow of a doubt: discussing someone’s personal story without their consent is simply unethical. The survivor’s voice echoes this sentiment loudly. She expressed her heartfelt wish that her story remains untold as watching this drama makes her revisit her past traumas and has a bleak impact on her family. Given these sensitive circumstances, it’s worth pondering the genuine need for translating her journey into a dramatic portrayal.

It is also worth mentioning that according to the survivor, intricate details of her life have found their way into the storyline, indicating a level of research that can’t be dismissed. It serves as a poignant reminder that delving into someone’s life narrative without their green light is, quite simply, not on.

Should the drama be taken off-air as requested by the survivor?

The real question remains that should the survivor’s request be granted to take the drama off-air? Truth be told if in its true essence, the makers should get in touch with the survivor and either understand their perspective or make them understand their own. Only, this way can the true request of the survivor be granted.

As an audience and by-standers we cannot comprehend the agony of the real survivors of such stories. Perhaps granting their wish could be the only way we can provide some relief. However, we currently leave the matter in the able hands of all involved and hope that it is amicably sorted out at the earliest.


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