Is Ayeza Khan Doing Justice to Her Character in Mein?

Ayeza Khan in Mein

The latest television series on the scene, Mein, featuring the dynamic duo of Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan, has sparked widespread discussions since the release of the first episode. By bringing together the nation’s heartthrob Wahaj Ali, with the stunning Ayeza Khan, alongside a distinctive storyline, and grand-scale production, the show has managed to capture a significant viewership and has created a buzz on social media.

Ayeza Khan essays the character of Mubashira, an arrogant, wealthy woman, who is self-centered and has a stubborn nature. She refuses to surrender and clings firmly to her ego. Mein orbits around Mubashira and her journey of overcoming heartbreak and her battle against her own ego, after she is divorced by her husband at a party, celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

Audience’s reaction to Ayeza Khan’s portrayal of Mubashira:

Ayeza Khan has received mixed reactions from the audience for her performance in Mein. While some praise the actress for her portrayal of a cold-hearted woman and her expressions, others are skeptical of her performance and are critical of her ability to embody the role of a rich girl.

So, what has worked for her and what didn’t?

It is without a doubt that Ayeza Khan is channeling her experience as an actress and bringing her skill and polished craft to the sets of Mein. She is comfortable in performing dramatic scenes and is experimental with her acting, which is due to her confidence as an experienced actor.

Her performance in some scenes was commendable, especially in the scene where she talked to her father about her heartbreak and how she was left distorted after the betrayal of her husband and childhood best friend.

On the other hand, unfortunately Ayeza Khan has gone overboard in some of her scenes in the drama and thus is not able to convince the audience with her acting skills.

The wardrobe dilemma:

Ayeza Khan is one of the most celebrated models of our country and certainly has clothes from the top designers at her disposal and has the liberty to choose from. We have seen the actress opting for a unique wardrobe for each of her dramas, that distinguishes her character. However, in Mein, her styling is poor, and the outfits are not appropriate for the occasion.

Moreover, her iconic black dress which she wore for the anniversary party received a lot of criticism for its unflattering fitting on Ayeza. This has unfortunately taken away from her performance.

A ray of hope?

Ayeza Khan is indeed one of the most talented actresses in our country. She has given mega hits over the years including Meray Paas Tum Ho, Pyarey Afzal, and Chupke Chupke among others. She has selectively and carefully chosen her projects over the years and has delivered.

We do hope that in the coming episodes Ayeza’s character grows on us. We also anticipate more interaction between Wahaj and Ayeza in the drama. Let’s hope for fans and critics to cumulatively praise the craft of the leading cast in Mein.


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