Infertility and Second Marriage: Is Neem’s Plot Twist Justified?

Neem drama wedding

HUM TV’s drama series Neem has been steadily garnering a decent number of views on YouTube over the past weeks, with its loyal fan base tuning in and lauding the drama for its execution of a integral social issue that plagues our society, education.

However, the most recent episode of Neem has stirred up controversy and faced criticism from viewers. This backlash stems from the plot development involving Zimal, portrayed by Mawra Hocane, who, upon learning that she cannot conceive a child, plans ger husband’s second marriage to her friend. Many in the audience have voiced their concerns about this storyline, deeming it regressive and problematic.

Zimal’s saintly pursuits in Neem:

Zimal’s relentless pursuit of arranging her husband’s marriage, and her active involvement in the entire process, has raised eyebrows among viewers. The entire plot where Zimal decides to get her husband married seems stretched and unrealistic. It portrays her as a saint, who is devoid of human emotions.

Zimal not only encourages her husband’s second marriage but also personally asks for her friend’s hand in marriage and later attends the wedding ceremony. This did not sit right with the viewers and given Zimal’s strong-willed persona, many anticipated a different trajectory for her character, leaving the audience divided over the direction the story is taking.

An attempt towards dramatization:

A significant portion of the audience has expressed their apprehensions regarding the drama’s recent turn. While Neem initially made a commendable effort in addressing social issues, the introduction of a plot encouraging polygamy seems problematic. Viewers believe that this plot twist has taken away from the drama’s original message, diluting its impact in the process.

The need to handle the issue of infertility with sensitivity in Neem:

With Zimal’s character depicted as a strong-willed and socially conscious individual, the audience was left feeling disappointed with how her character handled the infertility issue. Given her character’s established values, the audience anticipated a more sensitive approach to this issue, one that would spread positivity, set an example, and offer hope to those who have faced similar challenges.

Instead, viewers felt that the drama missed an opportunity to portray the husband and wife as a supportive team. With Zimal already having shown to take a young boy under her wing, perhaps they could have shown the couple choosing to adopt. Such a portrayal could have set a precedent and would have given out a positive message to the audience.

Mawra Hocane’s commendable acting skills in Neem:

One thing is for certain, Mawra won our hearts with her acting skills in the drama Neem. The pain of Zimal’s character is reflected in her eyes, and she is able to make the audience cry with her- a skill possessed by only a few actors. Her acting skills have successfully made Zimal a memorable character in the eyes of the audience.

Neem is penned by Kashif Anwar and produced by Momina Duraid. The drama is helmed by Parizaad director Shahzad Kashmiri. The ensemble cast of the drama features Syed Jibran, Mawra Hocane, Arsalan Naseer, Ameer Gilani, Rahil Siddiqui, Hassan Shah, Hani Taha, Maryam Nafees, Shamyl Khan, Adeel Khan, Ismat Zaidi, Alamdar Khan, Areeba Tirmizi, Tahira Shahzad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi and others.


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