Does Samar Abbas Have It in Him to Become a Seasoned Drama Star?

Samar Abbas

The lead star Samar Abbas Jafri who is currently starring in ARY Digital’s drama, Mayi Ri has garnered massive popularity and love from the audience for his performance as Fakhir. The audience is praising his performance and our curious about the new actor in town.

Mayi Ri marks Samar’s debut in the world of television dramas. The actor has previously done several commercials over the years.

The impact of his character in Mayi Ri:

Samar has received an unprecedented love for his role in the drama Mayi Ri. His character Fakhir is winning the hearts of the audience due to his refreshingly positive role in the drama.

Mayi Ri follows the story of two teenagers, Annie (played by Aina Asif) and Fakhir who are forced to marry each other due to their family pressure. In addition to narrating the story of other characters in the drama, Mayi Ri’s pivotal focus is on the character evolution of Fakhir.

In the drama we are introduced to Fakhir as a careless teenager whose life revolves around his friends and games. Reality hits him when his family forces him to marry his cousin Annie which follows his father’s death in the drama. A devastated Fakhir is left with a household and a business to take care of alongside a young wife. The story unfolds as it shows Fakhir’s evolution from a negligent teenager to a responsible young man.

The audience is doting on his character development and the care that he shows towards his wife and family. Samar Abbas has indeed put his heart and soul into the character, which is reflecting on-screen.

The multi-talented young star:

Samar has won the audience’s hearts not only through his acting skills, but also through his singing talent. He has sung several songs in different shows for the promotion of his drama and has received an overwhelming response from his young fan base.

His struggle over the years:

Many of us remain oblivious of the years of struggles our actors put in in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. Samar is no stranger to this. The actor has been working on commercials over the years and has been doing small projects since he was a child. Now, his art is being appreciated following his debut drama. Way to go Samar!

Audience’s reaction to his character Fakhir in Mayi Ri:

The audience is nothing but praises for Samar’s character Fakhir in the drama. Here are some of the comments of the viewers of Mayi Ri:

Undoubtedly, Samar has delivered exceptionally in his debut project. We are hopeful that he will continue to impress the fanbase he has curated with Mayi Ri by taking on diverse and impressive roles in the years that follow. The young actor has a lot of potential and energy which can be translated to his art. We wish him good luck for all his ventures ahead and hope to continue to see him in different projects.


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