Was Sehar Khan The Ideal Choice To Play Umeed in Fairy Tale?

Sehar Khan as Umeed

Sehar Khan, the star of the megahit drama serial Fairy Tale is making waves as Umeed. Her performance and character in the drama have curated a separate fan base. But did you know the actress rejected the script eight times before saying yes?

The rom-com Ramazan drama, Fairy Tale aired this Ramazan on HUM TV. Due to its massive popularity the drama got renewed for a sequel, which is currently on air. The key reasons behind the success are the characters in the drama and the actors who have essayed their roles to perfection.

The protagonist, Umeed’s character is no different. Her lively, spontaneous, and devil-may-care nature has sat well with the audience, who are adoring the free-spirited character they are watching on screen.

Sehar Khan Turned Down Fairy Tale 8 Times

Sehar Khan, who has brought the character of Umeed to life, has indeed done justice with the role. However, the actress recently revealed in her interview with Aamna Haider Isani that she turned down Fairy Tale’s script eight times. She said that when the script was offered, she was busy with another significant project and thus refused the offer.

Despite her refusal, HUM TV was persistent to have Sehar on board to play Umeed Pasha’s character as they believed she would be able to do justice to the character and not portray Umeed as a mature girl. Sehar eventually agreed to read the script after which she quickly changed her mind and agreed to do the drama. Sehar’s recent revelation made us grateful that she eventually said yes to Fairy Tale and we could not help but think why she was the perfect choice to play Umeed’s character. Here is what we think:

Captivating Screen Presence:

Sehar Khan is one of those actresses who have the innate ability to command the screen with their presence. The actress has the ability to captivate the audience and with her charisma and charm draw viewers in, making them emotionally invested in the characters she portrays.

Due to Umeed’s quirkiness, it was fairly easy for an actress to go overboard, that would have made the character unbearable to watch on-screen. However, Sehar Khan is able to do justice to Umeed’s role by striking a balance between quirkiness, cuteness, and maturity. The amalgamation of all this has made her character likeable to watch.

Chemistry and On-Screen Dynamics By Sehar Khan:

The success of any on-screen drama often hinges on the chemistry between the lead actors. Sehar Khan’s portrayal of Umeed is further elevated by her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, especially Hamza Sohail.

The first-time on-screen pairing of Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan is a delight to watch. Their banter and arguments in the first season, followed by their cute and romantic moments in the second, have given us several awe-worthy moments that we adore as Fairy Tale stans.

In addition, her interactions with other co-stars in Fairy Tale are both heartwarming and intense, adding depth to the narrative.

Sehar’s prior experience:

Sehar’s previous work has certainly played a role in preparing her the role in Fairy Tale. Her previous projects in dramas such as Farq, Zakham, Rang Mahal, Mushk, and Dikhawa among others has added the skillset needed to play such a pivotal role on-screen that too with grace and elegance.

The selection of Sehar Khan for the role of Umeed in the drama series Fairytale stands as a shining example of impeccable casting. Sehar has not only delivered an exceptional performance but has also excelled in a comedic role, a feat that is undoubtedly challenging to master.


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