Kabli Pulao Applauded for Redefining Traditional Marriages on The Television Screen

Kabli Pulao marriage

Kabli Pulao reinvents the meaning of consent and reflects its significance in the most nuanced manner, possibly giving us a scene that will be hailed as one of the most iconic moments in Pakistani television history.

Once again, Kabli Pulao stands as a boundary-breaking masterpiece, that has left its audience in awe. This exceptional production serves as a heartfelt tribute to unconventional marriages in society. Kabli Pulao reiterates the importance of tradition and the sanctity of marriage. Through the beloved characters, Haji Sahib and Barbeena, we see a love story unravel, that has left us all in awe.

Under the skillful direction of Kashif Nisar and the imaginative storytelling of Zafar Mairaj, Kabli Pulao has reinvented the concept of love in marriages with significant age differences. This creative collaboration has gifted audiences with a narrative that exudes purity and affection, presenting a unique portrayal of a marriage that has been missing from our screens.

Redefining the power of consent in Kabli Pulao

The recent episodes of the drama have sparked discussions among both critics and audiences alike owing to the elegant and profound unfolding of the relationship between Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena that has indeed left an indelible mark.

In the ninth episode of Kabli Pulao, we see the story gracefully unravels as this resilient couple grapples with adversity, after leaving their home to protect Chamoos’ marriage. Amidst the turmoil, a momentous shift occurs as we witness, for the very first time, the couple’s intimate interaction—an aspect previously eclipsed by the chaos within Haji’s household.

What truly captivated us was the understated manner in which they broached the topic of consent. They artfully refrained from overemphasizing the point yet managed to convey its significance with finesse. It was heartwarming to observe how Haji Mushtaq was patient and never showed dominance, giving Barbeena the time she needed before she took the first step.

Haji Sahib and Barbeena endearing moments

All of Haji Sahib and Barbeena interactions are a pure bliss to watch. The chemistry these two characters have created on-screen is endearing to say the least. Kudos to the lead stars, Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and Sabeena Farooq, both of whom have passionately and sincerely played their respective characters.

Firstly, Barbeena’s expression of respect for Haji sahib knows no bounds. The audience was left amazed when she shared the reasons of marrying him which made us realize how their relationship is based on trust and respect and how both of them have never left each other, always standing in the face of adversity-whether it was Haji Sahib taking a stand for Barbeena in front of his family or Barbeena protecting Haji’s honor in whatever way she possibly could.

We also loved the scene where Haji made breakfast for Barbeena and unexpectedly-for both the audience and Barbeena- he sang. This was a side never seen before and was a reflection of how Barbeena brings out a more relaxed version of him.

Also, Haji giving the ring to Barbeena showed his endearment for his wife and Barbeena accepting it and asking him to put the ring on her finger further iterates their growing love and affection for each other.

Kabli Pulao makes us wonder about the power of what great storytelling to do. The drama is winning hearts for all the right reasons. With Baran’s entry in the drama, we wonder how the dynamic of Barbeena and Haji Sahib’s relationship will change, following their growing fondness for each other.


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