Green Entertainment’s Working Women To Offer a Glimpse Into The Harsh Realities Facing Women in Our Society

Working Women Cover

A story for women and by women, is an accurate description to classify the upcoming drama on Green Entertainment, titled Working Women. A character-based drama, Working Women is a tribute to all women from different spheres of life who aim to build a life on their own terms and conditions.

As stated in the YouTube description of the drama: “Working Women is an ode to all the women who strive to shine against all the odds and shatter stereotypes in the hopes of curating a world that celebrates resilience and grace of womanhood.”

Working Women is written by the celebrated writer Bee Gul, who has given us several thought-provoking dramas over the years including Raqeeb Se, Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila, Firdous Ki Dozakh among others. The drama is directed by none other than the talented actress Yasra Rizvi, whom we have previously seen in the web series Churails and the drama serial Dil Na Umeed To Nahi among others.

About the trailer:

Ahead of the drama’s release, we got to see the first glimpse of the drama and the characters in the trailer.

The trailer offers a glimpse into the intertwined lives of six hardworking women who share a house. It vividly portrays the daily struggles and challenges they confront in their professional lives, each battling their own inner demons.

This captivating and fast-paced trailer doesn’t shy away from depicting the harsh realities these women face. It delves into the attitudes of men who undermine women and a society that habitually diminishes their worth.

A particular dialogue in the drama stands out: “agar aap bhi shadi karlo na tu aap bhi izat wali ban jao gi.” (If you get married, you’ll gain respect. This poignant line serves as a stark reminder of the difficulties women endure in our society, shedding light on their struggles and aspirations.

A highlight of the drama is their effort to bring together a story that reflects diversity and talks about relevant issues with a novel cast that has sparked our interest.

Introducing the lead characters in Working Women:

The drama will follow the story of six working women who belong from diverse backgrounds but united by fate and their sufferings.

Maria Wasti takes on the role of Nusrat, a brilliant entrepreneur who excels in the construction industry and cultivates a strong sisterhood.

Ilsa Hareem portrays a mysterious runaway bride.

Jenna Hussain plays Rozy, a dedicated nurse and the sole provider for her family. She grapples with self-esteem issues and an unending desire for true love, and her storyline might delve into workplace harassment.

Anoushay Abbasi embodies Sadia, a small-town TikToker with ambitious dreams that go beyond her striking appearance.

Faiza Gillani becomes Hashmat, a factory supervisor hailing from the mountains with a concealed past. She fearlessly advocates for the oppressed and marginalized.

Srha Asgar tackles the role of Amber, a privileged yet courageous young woman working at a newspaper office. Struggling with childhood trauma, Amber confronts her inner demons head-on.

Working Women is certainly one project that we have our eyes on. The drama will be airing on Green Entertainment from 20th September. Are you excited?


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