Neelam Muneer’s Wardrobe in Ehraam-e-Junoon Sets New Trends

Neelam Muneer as Shanzay

They say, “Dress to impress,” and it couldn’t ring truer when it comes to the world of television dramas. The impact of good styling goes a long way when it comes to the audience registering a character in their minds. Presently, there’s one actress who’s stealing the spotlight, both for her performance and her fashion sense. We are talking about none other than Neelam Muneer who is playing the role of Shanzay in this immensely popular currently airing drama Ehraam-e-Junoon.

Neelam is getting praises for her performance and her choice of outfits in Ehraam-e-Junoon left, right, and center.

Neelam Muneer’s Chic Wardrobe molds Shanzay’s Affluent Persona in Ehraam-e-Junoon

Neelam’s portrayal of Shanzay in the drama “Ehraam-e-Junoon” introduces us to a character brimming with youthful exuberance and an undeniable sense of pride, stemming from her privileged upbringing.

What’s truly remarkable is how Neelam has expertly channeled Shanzay’s inner world and distinctive traits through her meticulously curated wardrobe.

Neelam’s outfit choices are nothing short of excellent. From Western-inspired co-ord sets to graceful long dresses and exquisite Eastern attire, she’s explored a diverse range of looks. What sets her apart is her innate ability to wear each ensemble with effortless grace, always choosing the perfect outfit for the occasion without ever going overboard.

And let’s not forget her stunning hair, often seen to be perfectly blow-dried, or styled with loose curls, or dead straight hair.

Even her choice of accessories is spot on, with necklaces that tastefully complement her outfits and bags that seamlessly blend with her overall look. Neelam Muneer’s attention to detail in bringing Shanzay to life through fashion is undeniably commendable.

Neelam Muneer’s Makeup in Ehraam-e-Junoon– A Hit or Miss?

While we praise the actresses’ effort to curate the wardrobe of the character, we unfortunately cannot help but notice how Neelam’s makeup in the drama fails to leave an impression-or if we may say has left too strong of an impression. For lack of a better word, Neelam’s makeup is too loud in the drama, which takes away from the entire persona of the character.

We get the idea of showing Shanzay’s character to be picture-perfect, in fact we would have expected nothing less keeping in mind her character’s build up. But the thin line between using makeup to enhance your look vs destroying it has been blurred in drama and in most scenes Neelam’s character has a lot of makeup on, even when there was no need for it.

Despite this, holistically Shanzay’s character has certainly won hearts with look and fashion choices.

The Collaborative Effort

While we appreciate the actor for giving us an immaculate wardrobe to gush over, we also must appreciate the production house, 7th Sky Entertainment and the director, Syed Ramish Rizvi who also played a pivotal part in contributing to the character development and fashion choices.

Neelam’s portrayal of Shanzay is a testament to how a memorable character can be created on-screen with the right intention and effort. Kudos to Neelam for nailing Shanzay’s role and for her chic outfit choices.


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