Will Imran Ashraf Continue His Streak Of Iconic Characters With Namak Haram?

As the buzz surrounding Hum TV’s upcoming drama serial Namak Haram continues to grow, one burning question remains: Can Mureed be the next unforgettable character for Imran Ashraf, akin to his iconic Moosa? 

The teasers and trailer have sent ripples of anticipation through the audience, setting the stage for a story filled with power, betrayal, and a web of intriguing twists and turns. Add to that the compelling star cast, with Sarah Khan reuniting with Imran Ashraf after their spellbinding chemistry in Raqs e Bismil. We readily admit that we’re on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting what Imran Ashraf will bring to the screen this time, after leaving an indelible mark with characters like Bhola, Billu Chaudhry, and Wali Asfandali.

Mureed: A Glimpse into the Fiery World

The teasers of  Namak Haram offer a tantalizing peek into a world where the destinies of servants and their masters collide. Here, the son of a loyal servant stands ready to challenge the status quo. It’s still early to make a definitive call, but it’s evident that Mureed’s eyes burn with an insatiable desire for revenge, promising a gripping transformation in his character. 

Imran Ashraf, renowned for breathing life into his roles, seems to effortlessly channel the essence of Mureed. His overall aura exudes majesty, complemented by a charismatic appearance adorned with a beard and moustache. 

A brief moment in the teaser where Mureed laughs beside a grave captures the audience’s imagination, leaving them spellbound. As YouTube comments reveal, some are torn between labelling him a dashing hero or a formidable antagonist. 

The verdict? Brace yourself, only time will tell.

The Encounter of Mureed and Asma: A Riveting Preview 

One of the most anticipated on-screen duos, Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan, ignite excitement with their reunion as Moosa and Zohra in an entirely new storyline. The first episode’s promo offers a glimpse of the encounter between Asma and Mureed, a charged interaction where Asma questions Mureed’s loyalty. Sarah Khan radiates elegance in her portrayal, clad in a peach shalwar kameez paired with a dupatta. Her glimpses in the teaser and trailer hint at Asma being a poised and balanced character, possibly caught in the crosshairs of Mureed’s quest for vengeance. However, it’s Mureed’s emphatic response, “Meri Kahani Ko Mat Chehriye” (Don’t interfere in my story), delivered with intensity, that seizes the spotlight in an instant. With such intensity in the dramatic scenes, one can only imagine the fireworks in the romantic ones. It’s still early days, but our fingers are crossed for a compelling journey. 

Imran Ashraf’s portrayal of Mureed suggests that he might once again steal the limelight, as characters of this calibre tend to linger in the hearts of the audience, if not forever. Equally, we are eager to see where  Namak Haram takes Sarah Khan in this captivating narrative. We hope this journey will be as exhilarating as our collective anticipation!


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