Bilal Abbas Leaves The Audience Impressed With His Performance In Ishq Murshid

With just four episodes under its belt, Ishq Murshid has taken the drama scene by storm, and it’s all for the right reasons. The compelling light-hearted romantic drama follows the lives of Shahmeer Sikandar and Shibra Salman, portrayed by the talented Bilal Abbas Khan and Durefishan Saleem, respectively, as they embark on a heartwarming coming-of-age love story.

In the spotlight of this drama, Bilal Abbas, the lead protagonist, once again proves his mettle with a performance that leaves us absolutely dazzled. Bilal Abbas’s dual role as Shahmeer Sikandar and his transformation into Fazal Baksh is a testament to his great acting skills.

Bilal Abbas’ versatile roles as Shahmeer and Fazal Baksh 

One of the characters that Bilal plays in the drama is Shahmeer Sikandar, a young man hailing from a privileged and affluent background. Bilal manages to convincingly play Shahmeer, who is shown to have returned after completing his education in the UK. His body language and dialogue delivery reflect a man from an elite background.

Bilal also manages to gauge the complexity of the character of Shahmeer who is devastated due to his mother’s death in his childhood. In one scene we see Bilal shedding a single tear after visiting his mother’s grave, making us connect and sympathize with his character.

Meanwhile, Bilal also takes on the intriguing role of Fazal Baksh in the series, a character who represents Shahmeer in disguise as a poor man, looking for a job at Shibra’s father’s office. Fazal Baksh, with his endearing sweetness and unwavering optimism, injects a delightful dose of humour into the storyline. Bilal’s performance, once again, is an absolute delight to behold. His seamless transition from expressions of confusion and restlessness due to his fear of getting caught while his attempt to befriend Shibra, makes the drama an absolute treat for the viewers.

The on-screen chemistry of Bilal and Durefishan

As part of the audience, we are adoring the on-screen dynamics between Bilal and Durefishan. The former’s exceptional ability to establish a unique chemistry with Durefishan’s character, be it as Shahmeer or Fazal Baksh, is truly commendable. Both actors have executed their roles with brilliance, infusing excitement into their on-screen pairing.

A collective effort to bring these characters to life

While there is no doubt about Bilal’s impeccable acting skills, it takes an entire team to put together brilliant characters that are remembered for years. Credit where it’s due, the writer and director of Ishq Murshid, Abdul Khaliq Khan and Farooq Rind, respectively, did a great job in conceptualizing and bringing these two characters to life.

The wardrobe choices for Bilal Abbas are worth noting, as they seamlessly enhance the depth of his characters. From Shahmeer’s impeccable suits, reflecting his elite background, to Fazal Baksh’s casual shalwar kameez, the attention to detail in costuming adds another layer to Bilal’s portrayal.

We hope that Bilal Abbas continues to impress us by taking on these challenging roles.


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