Style Déjà Vu: Saboor Aly Disappointed As Iqra Aziz Mirrors Wedding Look In Mannat Murad

If awkwardddd had to be a picture, we believe this would be it. The entertainment world just served us a steaming pot of drama, and guess who’s sitting in the centre of it? None other than Iqra Aziz and the minds behind Mannat Murad. In the latest episode, things got a tad too interesting as Iqra — who has garnered immense praise for her wardrobe choices in this show — was spotted wearing a look that seemed eerily similar to Saboor Aly’s actual wedding ensemble. Cue the awkward silence and dramatic gasps!

Expressing her disappointment, Saboor took to her Instagram Story to vent her feelings, shedding light on what she perceives as an outright mimicry of her most treasured memories.

She shared a side-by-side comparison of her real-deal bridal look and Iqra’s Mannat Murad escapade and wrote, “And how am I supposed to feel about this? My moment, my memories, my sentiments, my vision, and my look for the most special day of my life. My heart was put into every little detail of my entire look. However, there’s a difference between being inspired and copying. Special day copied blatantly.”

Now, we get it — Faiza Saqlain’s designs are like the holy grail of bridal fashion, but it’s not just about the dress, Iqra got styled to the nines, mirroring Saboor’s bridal vibes down to the last bobby pin. Talk about twinning goals gone awkward! 

Saboor, whose wedding bells rang early last year, wore a resplendent gold attire on her big day by Faiza Saqlain. Her choice was a traditional gharara, adorned with a green and red border, complemented by a matching dupatta, pinned over her head. The accessories included a choker and maala set, coupled with a jhoomar and teeka to complete her look. Opting for subtle makeup, Saboor showcased brown eyes and a red lip, creating a timeless appearance fitting for a daytime ceremony. 

However, the designer offered a distinct perspective, asserting their full rights over the dress and design. Faiza Saqlain addressed the controversy on her Instagram Story, stating, “There’s a lot of noise regarding a bridal jora that we made, and I just feel that this needs some clarity. I totally understand the sentiments that a bride might have with her bridal dress, but suggesting colors and some minor details does not give copyrights of the design to the bride. All brides customize, make changes, or come with suggestions for a completely newer look. Neither the silhouette nor the work is something I hadn’t done before, neither is it something that we came up with for the first time for that particular event. It’s a very classic silhouette being worn by many brides even before this specific design was created. It’s always the mixture and assemblage of crafts that makes the design a particular brand’s. I feel there wasn’t any need for this uproar, especially when designers do a favor and take time out to design time-consuming looks like bridals in return for neither money nor any other major collaborative benefits. This particular jora is completely an FS Bridal, and we have all the rights to sell it and/or give it for further collaborations.”

We agree that the designer has full rights to the clothes and to whom they collaborate, hence the scrutiny falls squarely on the stylist and the creators of the show in this scenario. Even the set itself seemed like a tribute to Saboor and Ali Ansari’s wedding. A familiar pool area, a backdrop that screamed déjà vu, and a design that echoed the groom and bride’s names. Coincidence? We don’t think so. 

As social media is buzzing over this unfolding saga, the burning question is, will Iqra Aziz address the fashion fiasco she’s unwittingly found herself in? 

Though this scandal isn’t just about wardrobe wars; it’s a wake-up call about the blurred line between artistic inspiration and flat-out copying. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from others. We live in an age where social media acts as a treasure trove of ideas, and it’s only natural for trends to crisscross. However, there’s a stark difference between being inspired and blatantly copying someone’s special day. 


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