Siyaah Series: From Hauntings To Hilarity In 5 Must-Watch Tales

Embark on a spine-chilling journey with Siyaah, the avant-garde horror series curated by Green Entertainment. Based on different stories, the series goes beyond the traditional realm of spooky narratives, Siyaah introduces a breath of fresh air with elements of horror comedy, seamlessly intertwining with the rich tapestry of folklore. 

Whether you seek a thrill, a laugh, or a glimpse into the darker corners of the human psyche, this series has you covered. Well if you haven’t found the best of Siyaah yet, let us take you there. 

Chandra Mayi: Unveiling The Spooky Tapestry And Shattering Folklore Myths 

Chandra Mayi — written by Hammad Hassan, directed by Sabeeh Ahmed, and featuring Mariyam Noor — is a game-changer. Unlike the usual multi-part drama, it’s a solo story that packs a punch. 

Mariyam nails it as the lead, bringing to life the tale of a pregnant woman in a village haunted by folklore. The villagers share a chilling belief – the entire land is cursed by Chand Ki Budhiya. Under her ominous shadow, expecting mothers in the village lose their babies in the seventh month or welcome them as silent shadows into the world. It’s a tale that weaves the threads of superstition, heartbreak, and the unyielding spirit of a mother-to-be against the eerie backdrop of rural life. 

Unko Chuhtti Na Mili: A Tale Of A Haunted School 

Guess who stepped into the horror limelight? None other than Mere Humsafar star Hania Aamir. In the spine-tingling Unko Chuhtti Na Mili, – she takes on the role of a fearless news reporter. 

Crafted in three parts, the story is written and directed by Zeeshan Ilyas, this one of Siyaah unfolds a tale set in a haunted school, where the bravest souls don’t dare to linger after the sun sets. 

In this eerie narrative, a lone teacher, privy to the building’s spine-chilling secrets, battles against the forces within. But here’s the twist – our intrepid girl, oblivious to the impending horrors, barrels into the haunted school with her team, all in pursuit of the next big breaking news. If you’re in the mood for a hair-raising story set in the mysterious halls of a haunted school, this one’s tailor-made for your bone-chilling cravings. 

Haail: A Mix Of Horror And Thriller 

Ameer Hussain’s pen and Zeeshan Ilyas’ direction tag team to serve up an emotional thriller with a spooky twist, starring the dynamic duo of Hira Mani as Aunt Uzma and childstar Abeer Haroon as Noor. 

The family rollercoaster kicks off when they move into a new house, and things get extra weird when Noor strikes up an unusual friendship with Neelo – the doll. What starts as a doll-play turns into a nerve-wracking game as Neelo tightropees control over Noor, straining the aunt-niece bond. 

The story isn’t just well-cooked; it serves up a twist in the final act that’ll leave you on the edge. If dolls like Annabelle and Sabrina give you the creeps, brace yourself for Neelo — she won’t go easy if you don’t treat her right. 

Time To Mix Laughter With The Scares: Paanch 

Picture this: five bachelor buddies, led by the YouTube sensation Shahveer Jaffery, find themselves in the craziest situation ever – turning an abandoned girls’ hostel into their new home sweet home. Why, you ask? Well, blame it on their principal’s creative form of punishment. 

Now, this isn’t your typical hostel story. Shahveer, with his killer, looks and acting skills, adds a dash of charisma that’s hard to resist. Amidst all the chaos, expect a hilarious blend of roommate shenanigans, pranks, and a sprinkle of cute college flirtation. Zeeshan Ilyas has cooked up a storm with Paanch giving you a front-row seat to a comedy extravaganza about the lighter side of hostel life. 

Lutrumn Putrum: This One’s A Riot

As we step into the hilarious world of Lutrumn Putrum,– the Siyaah series’ first episode that flipped the script on the typical fear-filled narratives. Written by Syed Ameer Hussain Shah and directed by Sabeeh Ahmed, this one’s a rollercoaster of horror comedy. 

Meet Osman Khalid Butt, who takes the lead as Nabeel, a husband trying to navigate the tricky waters of marriage with the dominating wife Sidra, played by the fabulous Areeba Trimizi. From everyday catfights to post-marriage troubles, this tale doesn’t just entertain – it’s a laugh-out-loud riot.

Nabeel’s quest for an obedient wife takes a quirky turn with the introduction of Lutrumn Putrum – the mantra for marital bliss. Spoiler alert: things don’t go exactly as planned. This story is more than just a comedy; it’s a delightful journey that leaves you with the sweet realization that some things are better just the way they are.

So, if you’re ready to spice up your scare game in a way that’s anything but ordinary, Siyaah is the series you absolutely can’t afford to skip! Happy watching, and may the chills be ever in your favour. 


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