Khushbo Mein Basay Khat: A Tale Of Intrigue, Talented Cast And Grand Productions

HUM TV’s most recent offering Khushbo Mein Basay Khat promises a spellbinding narrative with an original storyline and a stellar cast. The teasers of the drama left us in awe and intrigued as we await to see how the narrative will unfold.

Penned by Amna Mufti and directed by Mohammad Saqib Khan, Khushbo Mein Basay Khat is an MD production. The drama delves into multiple layers, touching upon extramarital affairs, power dynamics, social class differences, and interwoven stories of diverse individuals.

Here are three reasons why we are looking forward to the project to air soon on television.

The enthralling storyline

The teasers of the upcoming project are cut and edited so aptly that they leave us hooked without giving any spoilers. The script seems captivating as it follows the life of an older married couple who are surrounded by several complexities that contaminate their marriage. Ahmed Zaryab, played by Adnan Siddiqui, is essayed as a flirtatious poet who is seen courting different women in the teaser.

Nadia Jamil — who plays Adnan Siddiqui’s wife in the drama — is a surgeon who is not afraid to take a stand for herself. Nadia Jamil’s character builds an element of mystic around it as she seems a woman who is dejected but is not ready to give up.

On the other end of the spectrum, is Kinza Hashmi’s character who belongs from a humble background. The teasers show that she is in a romantic relationship with Ahmed Zaryab. Is she truly in love with him or is she deceiving him for ulterior motives? Our guess is as good as yours.

The talented cast

The drama stars a very talented pool of actors. The drama will mark the return of Nadia Jamil and Adnan Siddiqui back together on-screen. The duo was seen in the popular Asim Raza’s telefilm Behadd.

Both actors seem to have done a job well-done in portraying their characters. Adnan Siddiqui looks charming as he is set to play the role of a poet in this drama. His character seems to give off narcist, toxic vibes while he is also able to sway you with his charisma. Seeing Adnan Siddiqui play a complex character, with different shades is something we are excited to see.

On the other hand, it is a treat to see Nadia Jamil on-screen. In a few seconds, Nadia made us feel sympathetic towards her character in one scene while making us feel petrified of her in another.

It would be an interesting build-up to see the unravelling of chemistry and the tension between the characters played by these two actors.

The drama will also star Kinza Hashmi. Her character, Husna Hussain also seems to have a backstory and several shades that have built an element of mystic. Kinza looked stunning in the teasers, especially in the scene where she dons the red shalwar kameez.

A lavish production

From the looks of it, it seems that Khushbo Mein Basay Khat boosts a grand and massive production with attention to detail given to each element in the drama-from the grand house to the wardrobe of actors.

All in all, Khushbo Mein Basay Khat seems like a timeless and classic production that has a lot of potential. The drama’s first episode will air on Tuesday 28th November on HUM TV. Stay tuned for what promises to be an enthralling story.


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