Nida Yasir Holds Waqar Zaka Accountable For Attempting To Have Her Fired

On another episode of celebrity beef, a piece of news resurfaced, when Nida Yasir revealed that the TV show host and Pakistan’s bitcoin King Waqar Zaka allegedly convinced the management of a private TV channel to fire her.

What happened?

The recent revelation came to light when Nida Yasir appeared as a guest on the GEO News talk show Hasna Mana Hai hosted by Tabish Hashmi. In a segment, where the morning show host was being shown some celebrity pictures and was asked to give them advice, the picture of Waqar Zaka appeared. On seeing the picture, Nida Yasir did not hold back and voiced her grudge against Waqar Zaka, “Waqar Zaka is not a good friend of mine. He tried to have me removed from my position as the morning show host. He actively campaigned against me.”

Nida Yasir added: “He was really cordial and nice to me when we worked on the same channel, but he changed afterwards. I said that I was not responsible for you not working with the channel anymore.”

She went on to add that Waqar Zaka “became her enemy”. She elaborated on the entire incident and said that Waqar Zaka continuously emailed the management to have her removed from her position and she never understood the fact that what was the cause of that hostility and what she did wrong on her part.

Tabish Hashmi defused the tension as he proceeded with a joke and Nida laughed it off.

Age-old rift?

Both Waqar Zaka and Nida Yasir have worked for ARY Digital. In 2020, Nida Yasir invited the family of a young girl — who tragically lost her life due to sexual abuse and violence — on her show. During the live show, Nida inquired about the victim, sparking outrage in the media. This incident led to a vlog by Waqar Zaka, in which the activist uncovered discrepancies in Nida Yasir’s narrative regarding a morning show incident.

The activist spoke to the victim’s father, who revealed that they were approached by the show and did not contact the channel themselves. The victim’s uncle, when approached, stated they had no media connections and were contacted immediately after the victim’s body was discovered.

Waqar Zaka also pointed out a contradiction in Nida Yasir’s statement regarding the timing of the First Information Report (FIR) filing. Despite Yasir claiming the FIR was lodged after the show, Marwah’s uncle mentioned it was actually filed on the day she went missing.

While Nida Yasir denied allegations that the show was aired for ratings or publicity, Zaka highlighted the substantial revenue generated through advertisements during her program, suggesting a different perspective on her motives.

This incident reflects that the problems between the two go way back. We hope that this time they finally get to sort it out.


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