Waqar Zaka Claps Back Following Nida Yasir’s Accusation

While some celebrities choose to stay silent when controversies surround them, others consider it fitting to respond. Waqar Zaka falls into the latter category. In the latest celebrity drama surrounding Nida Yasir and Waqar Zaka, fueled by Nida’s accusation, Waqar Zaka attempted to have her fired.

Waqar Zaka did not hold back and took to Twitter to present his side of the story by posting a clip, following all the media bashing. In the video, Waqar Zaka blamed Nida Yasir for the entire situation, accusing her of pulling a rating stunt to be in the news.

He clarified that the entire incident took place back in 2020 when Nida Yasir called the family of a young girl — who was raped and murdered — on her morning show. This created an uproar on social media, with people accusing Nida of exploiting emotions and taking advantage of a sensitive situation for mere ratings.

In his video, Waqar Zaka shared clips of a vlog recorded by an activist to uncover discrepancies in Nida Yasir’s narrative regarding a morning show incident. The vlog featured the girl’s father and uncle, who said they were approached by the channel after the girl’s body was found. The vlog also revealed the FIR was filed the day the girl was kidnapped, proving Nida Yasir’s claim wrong that her team pressured the police to file the FIR.

Waqar Zaka further pointed out that he appealed to the public to report Nida Yasir’s show to PEMRA but refrained the public from insulting or abusing her.

“People aren’t stupid. They can see what I am doing.”

The Bitcoin King of Pakistan added that Nida Yasir “isn’t Oprah” and she should realize that it’s time to leave her spot now and train someone to take her position.

“Nida Yasir should do a POGO or a cartoon show in another time slot rather than taking a very important time slot in which families are watching you.”

The Back Story

Nida Yasir appeared as a guest on the GEO News talk show Hasna Mana Hai hosted by Tabish Hashmi. In a segment where the morning show host was being shown some celebrity pictures and was asked to give them advice, the picture of Waqar Zaka appeared. On seeing the picture, Nida Yasir did not hold back and voiced her grudge against Waqar Zaka, “Waqar Zaka is not a good friend of mine. He tried to have me removed from my position as the morning show host. He actively campaigned against me.”

Nida Yasir added, “He was really cordial and nice to me when we worked on the same channel, but he changed afterward. I said I was not responsible for you not working with the channel anymore.”

She went on to add that Waqar Zaka “became her enemy.” She elaborated on the entire incident and said that Waqar Zaka continuously emailed the management to have her removed from her position, and she never understood the cause of that hostility and what she did wrong on her part.

What’s your take on this controversy?


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