5 Unconventional On-Screen Pairs Redefining Pakistani Dramas By Green Entertainment

Green Entertainment came and conquered. The new channel on the block did not settle for playing the conventional storylines that we are used to seeing every day. Undoubtedly, they have broken the norms and moulded the criteria of a good Pakistani drama. In an attempt to craft their own route, they have given us some unique on-screen pairs that we have never seen before.

We have hand-picked a list of 5 on-screen pairs that we have seen in Green Entertainment dramas, paired for the first time together. Read more to find out.

Breaking News starring Hamza Sohail and Amar Khan

The charmer Hamza Sohail and the stunning Amar Khan have joined hands for the upcoming Green Entertainment project, Breaking News. The young stars of our television industry will be seen in one-of-a-kind roles that challenge stereotypes.

Written by Aamir Raza and directed by Kashif Nisar, Breaking News will star Amar Khan as Mashal Jameel and Hamza Sohail as Hussain. The character of Mashal is portrayed as brave and unapologetic. She is the rising star in the journalism universe, after years of hard work. Her backbone is Hussain who gives her unprecedented support in all her ventures and condemns the corrupt system.

The narrative will unfold as Mashal and Hussain together aim to challenge the corrupt and evil system. They team up as a power couple, who have each other’s back while aiming to revolutionise things together is a big leap forward. Seeing Hamza Sohail as the supporting partner and Amar Khan in this bold role will be a treat for Pakistani drama fanatics.

Standup Girl starring Zara Noor Abbas and Danyal Zafar

Standup Girl is another example of how Green Entertainment is stepping off the traditional genres that we are used to seeing on-screen. For the first time ever, we will be seeing the story of a couple who is embarking on a journey to pursue their creative dreams.

The story follows the character of Zara Noor Abbas who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and a charismatic rap singer, played by Danyal Zafar. The pairing of the lead actors is certainly unique. Both actors bring a vibrant energy to the screen and their on-screen chemistry surely looks interesting.

Standup Girl is another project that shows two career-oriented individuals striving to make a name for themselves while exploring their love story. Kudos to Zara Noor Abbas and Danyal Zafar for taking on these novel roles.

Kabuli Pulao starring Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and Sabeena Farooq

Kabuli Pulao ate and left no crumbs. The drama’s last episode aired this week, and we still cannot stop talking about it. While the drama garnered praise for being a trendsetter for several things, one thing that stood out was the chemistry shared on-screen by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and Sabeena Farooq.

Starring two actors with a huge age difference in a Pakistani drama and making it appeal to the masses was indeed a difficult job, which was carved to perfection by the writer-director duo Zafar Miraj and Kashif Nisar.

The on-screen pair created an awe-worthy chemistry on-screen that melted our hearts and made us root for them. Sabeena Farooq played the role of Barbeena, an Afghan refugee who marries an older man to get money for her brother’s surgery. While by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin portrayed Haji Mushtaq, a humble and patient God-fearing man, who falls for Barbeena after being smitten by her innocence.

22 Qadam starring Wahaj Ali and Hareem Farooq

Wahaj Ali and Hareem Farooq, aka Junaid and Fari in the drama serial 22 Qadam, have given us many swoon-worthy and hilarious moments as they pursue their relentless passion for cricket. The couple has been setting goals for many of us out there due to the realistic touch of their love story. The drama has been directed by Anjum Shahzad and is written by Zeeshan Illyas.

The heartthrob Wahaj Ali and glamorous Hareem Farooq have treated their fans with an endearing love story. Seeing their banter followed by the endearing moments, especially Junaid’s romantic proposal in Punjabi followed by him singing a song for Fari, was directed and shot really well and was made further magical due to Wahaj Ali’s and Hareem Farooq’s impeccable acting skills.

Jeevan Nagar starring Sohail Ahmed and Rabia Butt

Seeing Rabia Butt and Sohail Ahmed as the leads in a drama was something we never knew we needed. The pairing was impeccable and could only have been pulled off by two versatile actors and a skilled director like Kashif Nisar who materialized the script of Jeevan Nagar and it is penned by Awais Ahmed.

Rabia Butt commands the screen as Munni (Sitara) through her acting skills and her daring, well-written character. On the other hand, Sohail Ahmed as Babbar Shah, the dominating head of Jeevan Nagar is essayed exceptionally well. Seeing Babbar Shah become speechless in front of Munni and witnessing the interactions between the two on screen is hilarious and delightful at the same time. Both the actors have given it all to play their roles to perfection in the drama.

Seeing these actors take on unconventional roles while being paired with new co-stars has unlocked their potential as actors. Which of these pairs is your favourite? Do share with us.


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