Sabeena Farooq Justifies Statement On Indian Fans and Aspires for Quality Roles Ahead

Sabeena Farooq rose to fame following the success of her two dramas, both of which gained recognition and received an unprecedented response. The actress’s successful roles as Haya in Tere Bin and Barbeena in the drama serial Kabuli Pulao, both proved her mantle as an actor.

With all the recognition that the actress received for her back-to-back hit projects, Sabeena was gracious about all the appreciation and gracefully accepted any criticism. When talking about her fans, she previously said that her Indian fans are better than Pakistani fans.

This statement resulted in Sabeena receiving a lot of backlash from her Pakistani fans.

Her Justification

In her recent interview with Maliha Rehman, when she was asked about the statement, Sabeena said she stands by it despite any criticism that will come her way.

Sabeena defended herself saying that instead of bashing her or her character Haya in Tere Bin, her Indian fans comprehended her role as an antagonist and appreciated her performance instead of comparing her with that character.

“People there (in India) understand work. People owed Haya and enjoyed the character. The people there say that without Haya drama won’t be enjoyable.” Sabeena remarked in her latest interview.

She also acknowledged that she appreciated how Indian fans perceived the character as only a fictional role and she only wished that Pakistanis did the same.

“The way people understand my characters there and the nuances of each character…I wish our people will also understand this. It’s unbelievable they are understanding our work, our culture and art. Maybe that’s the reason why these dramas work there as well.”

In her interview, Sabeena also expressed her gratefulness when, over one weekend, Tere Bin was trending higher in India than Pathan. She considered this “a good and pleasant achievement”.

Sabeena playfully remarked, “Now Shah Rukh Khan would know who we are.”

The actress’ remark about Indian fans seems to come from how she genuinely feels. There is no doubt that as an audience we need to understand to separate the craft from the actor.

Sabeena’s future plans

For her future projects, the actress said that she will be focusing on quality over quantity and hasn’t signed any scripts yet. Sabeena believes that she needs to do substantial work. She also revealed that she probably won’t be doing any supporting roles from now on since, in Pakistan, supporting actors don’t get the recognition they deserve and are not well-written.

We are excited to see what Sabeena has in store for her fans.


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