Ahmed Ali Butt Expresses Concern Over Social Media Influencers Transitioning To Acting

The new day and age has given birth to a new kind of star-the social media influencer and content creators. It is without a doubt that content creators have curated a strong fanbase over time and the fame and power held by these people is the reality of the time.

We have seen many of these influencers taking on different roles in the entertainment industry worldwide as well as in Pakistan. While some of these influencers have proven themselves with their talent and hard work others have been a hit and a miss.

In a recent interview with Mohib Mirza, Ahmad Ali Butt voiced his concerns over the potential of TikTok stars transitioning into acting. The actor and host did not hold back and stated, “TikTok is a reality…but if they want to enter the television industry, they need to learn the craft. You can do a 15-second to 1-minute video to gain followers, but you can’t do a drama based on that.”

Ahmad Ali Butt added that he acknowledges how imperative social media is in this day and age. He believes that it helps you reach out to an audience who doesn’t know you and went on to say that content is the “biggest currency” in this age.

The actor believes that to excel as an actor one must take the profession seriously. In his interview, he said, “If you take this (acting) as part-time, the profession will also take you part-time.”

Adding to his previous statement, Ahmad commented, “[Most TikTokers] do not try to enter showbiz because it’s not their temperament to arrive at a set at 9 in the morning and wait until 3 for their scene to start filming.”

The actor explicitly added, “They can either become an actor or a TikToker.”

This is not the first time that celebrities have voiced their disapproval of social media content creators. Nauman Ijaz previously said in an interview that “social media isn’t for Pakistan” because it is used to question people’s character and is used to question people’s morals and throw shade on them.

Nauman Ijaz also stated that people will create content on social media just to create controversy and will spread false information without taking any accountability for their actions.

Fahad Mustafa also expressed his disapproval of the quality of content produced in the country. The actor said that people are ready to sell their families on social media and are creating content by exposing their lives-showing what they ate, and what they did in the morning, afternoon, and evening. He harshly quoted, “People don’t even leave the graveyard.”

It is imperative to acknowledge that all professions require a certain kind of attitude and determination to succeed in it. While it may be true that every content creator or influencer may not transition into a good actor, or vice versa, it’s important to praise the body of work of all individuals, irrespective of their profession.


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