Our Picks: Top 10 Pakistani Drama OSTs Of 2023

In the colourful world of Pakistani dramas, where emotions run high and plot twists are a given, there’s one element that adds the perfect tune to every scene — the Original Sound Tracks (OSTs). These aren’t just background melodies; they’re the heartbeat of the storyline, the emotional anchors that make every tear, every smile, and every plot twist resonate a little louder. As the year bids adieu, join us in celebrating the magic of these soulful tunes that have turned simple scenes into unforgettable moments. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Farhan Saeed, Asim Azhar, and more have woven musical spells, making the OSTs an indispensable part of our drama-watching experience.

So, grab your earphones, as we take a fun ride through the top 10 Pakistani OSTs that turned this year into a lyrical rollercoaster. Get ready to hum along and relive the drama’s magic in musical notes. 

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha 

The popular Kaifi Khalil song Kahani Sunno 2.0 was released last year and then was picked by ARY Digital for their drama Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. “Kahani Suno 2.0” continues to be the top song on Spotify charts in Pakistan with 350 million plus streams to date. The song features Wahaj Ali, Hania Aamir and Zaviyar Nauman. The beautiful OST itself has gained 55 million views on YouTube within 11 months.

Tere Bin

The energetic yet melancholic Tere Bin narrates a heartbreak with Shani Arshad’s vocals, perfectly complementing the on-screen chemistry of Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in the popular Geo Entertainment and 7th Sky Entertainment drama Tere Bin. 

Kabli Pulao 

Green Entertainment’s Kabli Pulao has two OSTs but Ankhain has received immense love from the viewers with 14 million views in six months. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s magical touch graces Kabli Pulao, featuring the captivating Sabeena Farooq and Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. 

Chand Tara 

Chand Tara is the musical gem from the drama of the same name on HUM TV. With the enchanting voices of Rafay Israr and Damia Farooq, this romantic composition weaves seamlessly into the narrative, starring Danish Taimoor, Ayeza Khan, Aashir Wajahat, and Romaisa Khan.

Fairy Tale 

HUM TV’s Fairy Tale takes us on a lyrical journey across two seasons, serenading us with the soulful Tere Hawalay. Sibtain Khalid, Adrian David, and Nish Asher join forces to create a beautiful ode to love, enhancing the magic of both seasons.


Singing sensation Asim Azhar graces the OST of Mein with his contemporary tune, a romantic and powerful composition perfectly echoing the drama’s plot. Featuring Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan, the song has garnered 8.5 million views in just three months. 

Jannat Sey Aagay 

After iconic songs such as Humsafar and Tere Nal Main Layian, people await Quratulain Balouch’s OSTs. Jannat Sey Aagay marks Quratulain Balouch’s return, offering a poignant melody that delves into the pain masked by a facade of happiness. Collaborating with Shuja Haider, the song is a beautiful exploration of inner turmoil.


Yashal Shahid’s rendition of Hadsa adds depth to the drama’s narrative, touching on the sensitive theme of trauma after a heinous incident. The song is an underrated gem that deserves recognition for its emotional resonance. 


Hassan & Roshaan, accompanied by Shae Gill, bring you the sensation that is Sukoon. Originating as a standalone hit, this OST seamlessly integrates into ARY Digital’s Sukoon, offering a soothing blend of drama and beautiful tunes. Featuring Ahsan Khan and Sana Javed, the song had snippets of the original song and was shot stunningly with the actors in a similar setting. 

Ishq Murshid

In the realm of romance, Ishq Murshid emerges as a standout track, with Ahmed Jahanzeb’s voice narrating the love saga of Bilal Abbas and Durefishan Saleem. The heartwarming melody has garnered 1.3 million views in just a month.

These OSTs, diverse in emotion and tone, have not only enhanced the drama-watching experience but also showcased the rich musical tapestry of Pakistani storytelling. As we say farewell to 2023, let these melodies linger, carrying with them the essence of the stories that unfolded on our screens.


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