Meera Expresses Her Opinion On How New And Old Generation Actors Are Different

Actress Meera recently made a special appearance at the Gup Shab Show, hosted by Vasay Chaudhry. Meera gracefully answered several questions from the audience and when asked about differentiating between the new and relatively old actors, the actress did not hesitate to answer the question.

She was all praises for the actors of her generation and said she misses that grace and charm.

Meera said, “Artists before were courteous, knew how to smile, had a certain charm, and knew how to carry themselves and had certain manners. If someone praised us or even said something (negative) to them, we wouldn’t get angry or say something to them. I miss this.”

Meera was also asked about her preference of actresses she would like to work with in the future to which she answered that she would like to work with everyone, but she really likes Sajal Aly, Maya Ali, and Saba Qamar.

Moreover, Meera also discussed why she likes to be selective with the projects she does.

“It is hard to work with some people. It’s not that I don’t want to work with someone, but I don’t want any chaos on my sets.”

On the work front, Meera revealed, “I do selective work, that’s why I have been offered Umra o Jaan Ada. You have to wait for your turn; patience is necessary to get a good project. I am doing Umra o Jaan Ada now. I try not to be part of the news, so I want people to see the show when it is released.”

Earlier this year, an eight-part series adaptation of the famous novel of Mirza Hadi Ruswa was announced, as the producer Hamid Hussain told The Express Tribune, “I can’t reveal much at this point but yes, we are working on an Umrao Jaan Ada adaptation with Sajal in the lead role.

“We are working on a two female lead cast for this series and Sajal is one of them.” It’ll be interesting to see Meera and Sajal Aly portray the aura of Umrao Jaan on screen.


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