Bandish 2 Trailer Vs Reality: Did the Horror Switch Wait Till the Last Minute?

The second-to-last episode of Bandish 2 left us a bit meh. The trailer got us all excited for a spooky rollercoaster, full of epic possession scenes with everyone except Sameer, played by Affan Waleed and his mom Humaira, played by  Sania Saeed. But, surprise surprise, we didn’t quite get what we signed up for.

Those possession glimpses got us all geared up for a horror ride, but it turned into more of a spellcasting show. With the last episode around the corner, looking back, we wonder if anything really happened. Maybe the makers can sprinkle in more of those bone-chilling moments and amp up the horror vibes in the last episode.

Inconsistent Chills: From Manahil’s Room to Vaniya’s Possession

In the beginning, when Manahil — played by Areej Mohyudin — feels the entity in her room, it really had us on the edge of our seats. Doors closing on their own, beds floating – classic spooky stuff. But since then, the horror vibe took a backseat. The only major fright was when Vaniya — played by Anna Ilyas — got possessed, and it felt like it came out of the blue.

To heighten the signs of black magic in the story, consider incorporating subtle yet ominous symbols early on. The house or Sameer’s factory could bear traces of blood, mysterious amulets, or strategically placed needles that, upon closer inspection, hint at something supernatural. This approach allows the viewers to be captivated by the subtle signs of black magic from the beginning, making the ultimate revelation all the more chilling.

The absence of the doll in the drama, following Horain’s initial connection, left a void in the eerie atmosphere. The doll, once a source of mystery and Horain’s companion, went missing after Laraib’s disrupted proposal. Its potential to create spooky effects — calling names, communicating with Horain, or emitting strange noises — could have heightened suspense. Reintroducing the doll strategically throughout the plot would have maintained a consistent, unsettling tone, providing a tangible link to the supernatural elements and enhancing the overall horror experience.

Horain’s Ghostly Aura – A Missed Scare Opportunity?

Shah Baba – played by Salahuddin Tunio, drops the bomb about Horain, Sameer’s daughter, played by Horain Lyka Ali, being the entity’s fave target, but all we get is her giving intense stares and a few shocks. The trailer promised hardcore possession scenes, especially with Horain and Minahil, but it’s been more like a tease than a scare.

Horain’s life seems surprisingly unaffected by the entity, especially considering she’s a school-going kid. There’s a missed opportunity to showcase strange activities in her school life, adding a spooky twist to her character. While there’s a scene where her teacher notices behavioural changes and odd drawings, it doesn’t translate into further impact on Horain, apart from a few shocks. To enhance her character, explore more interactions with the entity, changes in her eating habits, and delve into the unique bond she shares with her grandmother, Humaira. This would add depth and complexity to Horain’s experience with the supernatural, making the storyline more engaging and connected to the overall narrative. The scare opportunities are missed in the drama to make the audience think about why it is happened.

Farhana’s Wicked Plans Unleashed – Plot Twist Brewing

Zainab Qayyum as Farhana might have faced a few setbacks, but she’s gearing up for the grand finale. Despite failing to drive a wedge between Sameer and the family, she’s cooking up the most powerful spell to take down Sameer. From day one, she’s been on a mission fueled by property disputes, and every meeting with Baba Saeen hints at something big. The recent episode spilt the beans to Manahil about Farhana’s sinister plan to off Sameer – things are getting intense.

Expectations & It’s Outcome

The first season was a total hit – it had this cool mix of spooky stuff, tricky problem-solving, and surprises that kept us hooked. But now in season 2, things seem kinda simplified, and it’s not grabbing the audiences in the same way. For instance, Shah Baba’s one visit magically fixes everything between Laraib and her in-laws – a bit too easy, right? The first season was all about deep emotions, like hating and being envious, and it showed how people would go all out for their desires using black magic. The Bandish fans were so pumped for Season 2, but it just doesn’t match up to the intense horror and excitement of the first one.

Can’t wait to see what chaos unfolds after Farhana’s last spell. Will Baba Saeen’s truth finally come to light? Fans were hoping for more from Bandish, and so far, it’s been a rollercoaster of expectations. Maybe the TV screen just needs a killer script to nail that horror drama vibe. Well, fingers crossed for a finale.


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