Yumna Zaidi’s Debut Film ‘Nayab’: A Trailblazing Tale

Hinting towards a promising addition to Pakistani cinema, the upcoming film Nayab establishes why it’s worth the watch, in an encapsulating and captivating 160-second teaser.

Breaking boundaries and challenging stereotypes, Nayab is set to leave the audience compelled with a blend of social messages, a passion for cricket, a hint of romance, and challenging family dynamics. If that wasn’t enough the makers add one of the finest actresses of our country, Yumna Zaidi in the mix, and voila, there is a film that the audience cannot stop talking about. The film will mark Yumna Zaidi’s debut in cinema.

The story

The trailer opens with an intense dinner table conversation, setting the pace for the entire teaser. We see a heated moment between Nayab’s father and his brother-who supports her in pursuing the relentless passion she has for cricket, while Nayab’s eyes are glued to the conversation. In less than fifteen seconds the viewers know what they have signed up for, thanks to the brilliant acting skills.

Hailing from a middle-class background, Nayab is the story of a young girl who aspires to become a cricketer. The story follows the challenges that she encounters as she pursues her passion. The teaser aptly represents the obstacles that she has to overcome not only in the outside world but also when she is home.

There is also the element of romance woven into the story. Usama Khan plays the love interest of Yumna Zaidi’s character in the film. From the trailer, their chemistry looks promising. Not only is the pairing of Usama Khan and Yumna Zaidi unique and one we have never seen before, but from the point of view of the story we are glad not to see the romantic angle overshadow Nayab’s individual journey.

Other than that, we see an awe-worthy brother-sister duo on our screens, which deserves applause on its own. The bond shared between Nayab, and her brother Akber (Akka) is worth cherishing. There is the natural sibling conflict but above all, Akber (Akka) is her confidant, supporter, and mentor, a character that has long been missing from our screens. The film will also highlight Akber’s struggles and the pressures he faces for being the son of the family, including being asked to shift abroad- again a subplot that many will relate to.

The second half of the teaser focuses on Nayab’s struggle to play for the team. The narrative highlights the elements that corrupt the system including favouritism, discrimination, and sexism.

Sneak Peek

We also see Adnan Siddiqui in the trailer, who is essaying the role of a captain for the women’s team. We hope Adnan will bring his charm to the screen as he inspires Nayab to strive towards her goal.

As for Yumna Zaidi, she has once again proven why she is one of the finest actors of the country. A force to be reckoned with, the actress seamlessly essays the role she has taken on. The thing with Yumna is that when you think you have already seen her best performance, she will take on another role that will leave you more mesmerised. What gave us goosebumps in the trailer was the last line when Nayab says, “I’ll defeat India”.

The rest of the cast also looks promising including Javed Sheikh, Usama Khan, Huma Nawab, Ehteshamuddin, Adnan Siddiqui, M Fawad Khan AND Faryal Mehmood. The film is directed by Umair Nasir Ali and produced by Kennyz Films and Num Films.


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