Navigating The Criticism Surrounding Pakistani Celebrities’ Maternity Shoots

In the age of social media, where every scroll leads to a new revelation, Pakistani celebrities find themselves under the spotlight, especially when it comes to sharing their moments of joy. Recently, the trend of maternity photoshoots has become a hot topic of debate, with stars like Minal Khan, Mariam Ansari, and most recently, Sarwat Gillani, facing the wrath of netizens.

The question that lingers is simple: Why can’t we let these celebrities celebrate their happiness however they choose? It’s become a perplexing trend for our celebrities to be trolled for sharing their special moments. When Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram announced their pregnancy through a beautiful photoshoot, the internet went ablaze with comments ranging from accusations of cultural mimicry to asserting that this wasn’t part of our traditions.

The truth is, who gets to decide what constitutes cultural authenticity? Why does a joyful announcement have to be subjected to the whims of the cultural police on social media? The anger and judgment seem to flow freely as if some unwritten rule dictates how celebrities should express their happiness.

Mariam Ansari faced similar criticism when she shared her maternity shoot pictures post-birth. The audacity of some netizens to impose their views on her personal choices, all under the guise of cultural control, is perplexing. As if Mariam’s celebration of motherhood somehow threatens the very fabric of our society.

And now, the recent case of Sarwat Gillani, whose maternity shoot stirred up a mix of reactions. While some lauded her for embracing and sharing the joyous moments, others deemed it as the popularisation of a so-called “vulgar trend.” The comments ranged from questioning the necessity of such photoshoots to outright condemning what they perceive as against our cultural norms.

However, amidst the judgment, there were voices of reason and support. Fans rallied behind Sarwat, asserting the simple notion – “Uska bacha, uski marzi” (Her baby, her choice). Comedian and rapper Ali Gul Pir joined in, highlighting the essence of the situation: “She seems happy, sad that it irks you.”

This recurring saga reveals a larger issue within our society – the inability to let individuals, especially celebrities, make personal choices without facing the brunt of public opinion. Why can’t we learn to be kinder, especially on platforms where words, once released, can’t be taken back?

The truth is, that these celebrities share their moments with fans to spread joy and make them a part of their happiness. It’s an invitation to celebrate, not a ticket for unsolicited opinions and negativity. The trend of mean comments with every pregnancy post is disheartening. This joyful moment should unite us, not divide us. After all, in a world filled with so much chaos, why not let the beauty of new life and happiness shine a little brighter on our screens?


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