ARY Digital Announces Sequel ‘Baby Baji Ki Bahuein’: A Fresh Take On Family Dynamics And Domestic Politics

In the era of dramatic love stories and intense grand setups, one drama tackled the basics of the joint family system and proved that simple family drama and domestic politics can also win on TV. ARY Digital’s ‘Baby Baji’ ruled in the middle of this year, so much so that even after its end, people could not get over the realistic narrative and situations that were shown in it.

Abdullah Seja’s, IDream Entertainment Productions who created the original ‘Baby Baji’ hinted at a sequel to the show keeping the massive success in consideration. However, people were quite disoriented about the news as there was no official discussion on public forums regarding the same.

Official Announcement Of Baby Baji Ki Bahuein

ARY Digital has officially announced the sequel of ‘Baby Baji’ in an unexpected post today which is the first teaser of the show. The teaser shows the late parents Baby Baji and her husband seemingly worried about their offspring and their wellbeing. The entire family is then introduced, who claim that their story is still left to be heard.

The announcement of the sequel which is this time titled ‘Baby Baji Ki Bahuein‘ was a little casual as compared to that of the recently announced ‘Tere Bin 2′. However, it is a brave attempt by the makers to relaunch a family show that too as a soap serial which also alters the caliber and general perspective of 7 PM soaps on a wider scale.

Adding more to the scenario, the most popular character of the franchise Azra played by veteran actress Javeria Saud is returning to television as a producer. JJS Productions which turned to JJSI production after the birth of Javeria and Saud’s son Ibrahim, is coming back in action with a new show on Green Entertainment titled ‘Mohabbat Satrangi Hai.’ JJSI has the most popular and longest-running soap ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’ to its credit which aired on Geo TV from 2008 till 2013.

Summing Up

There is an evolution coming to television as we are brave enough to bring sequels yet again. We do remember sequels have been a part of our television content and even series were made with up to 3 or 4 seasons. Well, 2024 already seems to be arriving with much more drama and grandness with these amazing shows hitting out TV screens.


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