Agha Ali Spills The Beans On His ‘Not-So-Good’ Reputation With Actresses’ Fiancés

Agha Ali recently made an appearance on Tabish Hashmi’s talk show, Hasna Mana Hai, where the discussion took an interesting turn to explore the actor’s “good looks” and their impact. Hashmi playfully delved into tales of Agha’s past, particularly a time when actresses allegedly hesitated to work with him due to their partners’ perceived discomfort.

Hashmi probed into the actor’s reputation, asking about the reasons behind it. “Why was your reputation so bad?” quizzed Hashmi. “No, no. Seriously. I heard you and the producers would also have a laugh about it,” he added.

Agha responded saying, “Back in 2016-17, just before I was about to shoot a drama, the producers would ring me up, questioning if I had any issues with the leading lady. I’d be baffled, having never even met her. Then they’d ask me whether I have a scuffle with their fiancé. I wouldn’t even know the fiancé so why would I have a scuffle? Turns out, he wasn’t keen on her working with me because he was, well, scared,” Agha shared, injecting a touch of laughter.

The actor humorously disclosed that he once took matters into his own hands and actually spoke to two co-stars’ fiancés. “There was this leading lady, a well-known actor, dating another actor. Humayun [Saeed] bhai was the producer of that drama. So, one day he asks me, ‘Agha, what did you do to make this guy so insecure?'” Agha narrated, with Hashmi injecting more humour into the narrative.“And Humayun bhai was asking this…” Agha laughed and said, “But we had a good laugh about this,” continued the actor. “And I told him that if his production house was suffering because of me then I would step back, maybe sign a different drama.”

Agha said, “See, I think, the characters you play, they form this… perception of you. And when I had newly started working, I didn’t attend any parties, I wouldn’t socialize and I would play these characters so people thought, that’s who I am. That’s the only image they had of me. That role I’d play onscreen.”

Agha wrapped up the banter with a touch of wisdom, stating, “Maybe they saw something special in me (switching to Ali Zafar’s voice)… but let’s be clear, no one should feel threatened by anyone!”

The narrative has left the audience amused and intrigued about who these actresses and their partners were.


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