What Makes Green Entertainment’s Upcoming Drama ‘Pagal Khana’ Different?

In a literal storytelling revolution, ‘Green Entertainment’ is moulding the narrative landscape, breathing new life into characters and infusing their tales with entirely fresh meanings. With nearly a dozen teasers and an eye-catching trailer that leaves you intrigued, ‘Pagal Khana’ left no crumbs when it comes to capturing the audience’s attention.

Hinting at a spectacular production and masterful writing. The storyline promises to redefine romance, offering an enticing blend of betrayal, suspense, intrigue, and passion. Produced under the banner of Multiverse Entertainment, this drama unfolds its enrapturing storyline under the vision of Iqbal Hussain, who serves as both the writer and director.

Into the ‘Elevens Club’: Introducing the characters

What adds an extra layer of excitement to the drama is the meticulous effort put in by the team to craft an entirely new world for the audience. The ‘Elevens Club’ presents itself from the outside as a luxurious abode, boasting all imaginable facilities. Yet, the truth remains, that outside its magnificent exterior, it is, in fact, a mental institution. Within these walls reside individuals, each harboring their own unique stories and internal battles, as they navigate the challenges of living with mental disorders.

Amidst these intricate tales is Saba Qamar, a resident of the house, hopelessly consumed by her love for Salman Dawar, played by Sami Khan. There we could not help but think, is Salman Dawar the reason that led her to a mental facility, or is her affection for Salman Dawar her refuge within the confines of the ‘Elevens Club,’ a sanctuary where she shields herself from the outside world? Brace yourselves as ‘Pagal Khana’ unwraps these mysteries.

We also see Mashal Khan, essaying the character of Tina in the drama, who introduces herself as an actress and model. Confidant and bubbly, Tina seems to have a lively soul. We also see scenes where she is flirting with Syed Jibran’s character. In another scene we see her sitting outside the ‘Elevens Club’, completely dejected, showcasing her unmasked side.

Syed Jibran is also part of this ensemble cast with a complex character. The teaser depicts him talking to the mirror in a few instances where he says, “Batadi usi tu kon ho” [Tell her who you are]. His character is portrayed as such that he is composed when in public and fury takes over with internal rage when he is alone. There is a shroud of mystery surrounding Syed Jibran’s character and it seems that the actor has signed up for something complex and challenging to play.

In the centre of the storyline is the character of Taimoor, played by Omair Rana. Once again there is a layer of mystery surrounding his character. From the looks of it, the actor will be one of the caretakers or in charge of the mental asylum.

The teasers also introduce us to other characters in bits and pieces, giving us a glimpse of what to expect. We also saw Momal Sheikh, Sonia Mishal, and Adnan Shah Tipu in the teasers. Faiza Gillani will also be a part of this ensemble cast.

‘Pagal Khana’ is a story of an unheard section of our society

One of the teasers had a pivotal dialogue that highlighted that the patients aren’t insane and are just unwell mentally. The dialogue underscores a pivotal dilemma that plagues our society. What makes the drama stand apart from the crowd is of course a novel storyline with complex characters from the perspective of those who are mentally disturbed.

There are also layers of suspense in the drama as Sami Khan seems to play a grey character. From the teasers, it’s not evident whether he is in love with Saba Qamar’s character and has genuine feelings for her or is in love with the idea of someone being this affectionate towards him. This is going to be an interesting part of the plot, which we eagerly await to see.

We are also expecting that the drama will unravel a love triangle between the characters of Momal Sheikh, Mashal Khan, and Syed Jibran. This drama unfolds in a way that diverges from the typical love triangles we’re accustomed to. The teasers and trailers paint a captivating picture, injecting a sense of intrigue with every scene. Expect an atmosphere of creepiness, a touch of darkness, unabashed love, and a rollercoaster of twists, making this series stand out.

All in all, ‘Pagal Khana’ looks to be among one of the most promising releases of this year. The drama premiers on Green Entertainment on 29th January.


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