Nabeel Qureshi And Fizza Ali Meerza Announce New Netflix Series ‘Tik Tik Nol’

Pakistani audiences have been eagerly waiting for years to have a Netflix series produced in Pakistan. The global streaming service has made a name for itself for collaborating with talent from all around the globe to produce content available to over 190 countries around the world.

After a long wait, Pakistan is also finally making waves in this conversation. Last year, we got the announcement for ‘Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo’ which is set to mark Pakistan’s debut on the global platform.

The show will feature a stunning ensemble star cast with Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Sanam Saeed, and Ahad Raza Mir in leading roles and a supporting cast featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi, Bilal Ashraf, Maya Ali, Iqra Aziz and Hania Aamir.

However, it turns out that ‘Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo’ will not be the sole Pakistani production for Netflix. Renowned filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi, best known for his work on ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ and ‘Load Wedding,’ took to Instagram to announce his own upcoming series ‘Tik Tik Nol.’

The project is still under wraps but the ‘Actor In Law’ director unveiled a series of set photos and shared his enthusiasm. Here’s what we know so far.

‘Tik Tik Nol’

So yes, the renowned Filmwala Productions duo Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza are back again. This time, they are collaborating with Indonesia’s Falcon Pictures for a Netflix series ‘Tik Tik Nol.’

Qureshi shared this news in an Instagram post stating:

“Filmwala Pictures is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Falcon Pictures for the Netflix series, Tik Tik Nol! Proud to have line-produced three episodes in Pakistan with an incredible Indonesian cast and crew. It’s been a journey of cultural exchange and showcasing the beauty of Pakistan. Filmwala Pictures is paving the way for more global filmmakers to explore Pakistan’s diverse landscapes.”

The project is still mainly under wraps, and we don’t know anything about the plot. However, we did set pictures which comprised both Pakistani and Indonesian creatives. We cannot wait to see Pakistan’s beauty and talent being showcased on a massive platform like Netflix.

Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza, the award-winning director-producer duo, have an impeccable track record. They started Filmwala Pictures, Pakistan’s first independent production house. Their debut film ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ paved the path for other independent production houses to open up in Pakistan.

Filmwala Pictures always tackles social issues, often using a satirical approach to provide searing commentary. We are sure to see such an approach in this upcoming series as well. Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood for any updates on ‘Tik Tik Nol.’


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