Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Apologetic Video: Addressing The Controversy Of The Infamous Bottle

Social media is abuzz following the leaked video featuring singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his student Naveed, stirring up a storm online. In a bid to address the controversy head-on, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has taken matters into his own hands. In a new video posted on his official social media accounts, he personally acknowledges his mistake and extends a sincere apology for his overly strict behaviour towards Naveed.

“I express my sincere apologies for the mistake I have made. First and foremost, I seek forgiveness from my God, acknowledging that He created all humans equal. As a fellow human being, I deeply regret my actions and recognize that I should not have behaved in such a manner towards another human being. Furthermore, as an artist, I am acutely aware that my actions should reflect the values of compassion, understanding, and respect,” he begins with an apology and continues by mentioning his family’s association with Qawwali.

“I extend my heartfelt apologies to my family, friends, and dedicated fans who have been hurt by my recent behaviour. My family, with a rich heritage of 600 years in the art of Qawwali, has always conveyed messages of love, peace, and brotherhood. I deeply regret any pain caused and seek forgiveness from my God. The video in question is from nine years ago, and I am unaware of the extent of videos being circulated without my consent. I’m aware of upcoming videos, which began surfacing after our press conference. I question the timing—why not earlier if the intent is to champion humanity? Nevertheless, I choose to view this positively; their actions prompted me to recognize my fault,” he said.

“I deeply respect those who have boycotted me out of love, aiming to guide me. I apologize to them and all affected by my actions. Addressing the videos, I assert they are planted and fabricated, an unsuccessful attempt to humiliate me. Moving forward, I will continue singing. My sincere apologies extend to the singing community, co-artists, female colleagues, and music directors who have worked with me.”

In a concise podcast snippet with Adeel Asif, Khan reveals he apologized to Naveed, who was perplexed by the gesture, saying that ‘I immediately apologized to him. After my apology, he tearfully questioned, ‘Ustad ji, why are you apologizing?’ Khan highlights his substantial support for Naveed’s family, covering medical expenses and contributing to weddings.

Regarding the infamous bottle – of holy water [Dam Wala Pani], Khan reaffirms its spiritual significance, frustrated by the misunderstanding. He laments the lack of depth in people’s understanding, emphasizing the profound emotional and spiritual value attached to it. Khan concludes by affirming that despite challenges, he will continue his musical journey.

As the video surpasses 1 million views on Facebook, an online battlefield unfolds—some applaud Khan’s gesture, while others question its authenticity. Yet, in the midst of this digital storm, a serious note emerges. If, as Khan anticipates, more videos loom on the horizon, the situation becomes more ominous. It’s a call for Khan to take decisive action, not just to defend his image but to navigate the turbulent seas of scrutiny in the age of social media.


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