Ali Zafar And Aima Baig All Set To Sing The PSL 9 Anthem

The PSL anthem has been the topic of great conversation ever since the event was announced. Whether audiences love the anthem or hate it, they are sure to make their opinions heard on social media. PSL’s 9th Season is set to start on February 17th and there’s already great hype and controversy surrounding the anthem.

Ali Zafar has always been a fan favourite when it comes to sports anthems. The singer even sang the anthem ‘Ab Khel Ke Dikha’ in 2015 for PSL’s debut season. Upon fan demand, Zafar was hired once again for the job, late last year. This was met with great joy from PSL fans, only for Zafar to then be taken off the board due to his controversial case regarding Meesha Shafi.

Earlier Ali Zafar was removed from singing the PSL anthem, allegedly due to his previous harassment case by Meesha Shafi. PSL has now announced that Ali Zafar was reinstated and will be working with longtime collaborator Aima Baig for the anthem.

Ali Zafar Reinstated

PCB’s decision to take Ali Zafar off the anthem was overturned solely because of fan backlash. This sets a great precedent for online fanbases to use their power and make their voices heard. Zafar was also quite savvy in mobilizing his fanbase, as he made a bunch of cryptic posts on X (formerly known as Twitter).

These posts made fans themselves put two and two together and get up in arms to defend the superstar. It is also worth noting that the anthems not made by Zafar were all panned by audiences. This could also be the case of no other artist wanting to step into Zafar’s shoes and subject themselves to the vitriol, leaving PCB no other choice but to bring him back.

Fans rejoiced over this news as PSL took to X to make this announcement. The post read “Seeti Tou Bajay Ge. Countdown to HBL PSL 9 Anthem Excitement! Ali Zafar is set to immerse his magic to the official HBL PSL anthem 2024.”

The video featured Zafar playing the melody to his 2017 PSL anthem ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga

PSL 9 Anthem

Ali Zafar will be collaborating with singer Aima Baig for the anthem. This won’t be their first collaboration, having previously worked on the hit soundtrack for ‘Teefa In Trouble.

Not a lot has been revealed about the anthem but with the tournament starting in two weeks, we might be getting the song any day now. One thing we do know is that these two powerhouses will put on a great show.

The 9th Season of PSL is set to begin on February 17th and we are sure to get the anthem before that.


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