Pashtoon Portrayal Probe in ‘Khaie’: Faysal Quraishi Speaks Out

In the buzz of Geo Entertainment’s latest ‘Khaie’ there’s been a bit of a stir about how Pashtoons are portrayed. Written by Saqlain Abbas and directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain, the show has hooked audiences with its unique story. But, some folks are raising eyebrows over the way Pashtoons are shown — think rivalries and cruelty. Faysal Quraishi, who plays the lead Chanar Khan in the drama, recently chatted with Geo Digital about all this. He spilt the beans on post ‘Khaie’ stuff and how he sees things beyond the screen.

The Zulm star mentioned that he has been inundated with messages ever since ‘Khaie‘ hit the screens.

“People are still messaging me, sharing their own experiences of tribal disputes. Some mentioned how the rivalry of their ancestors forced them to leave their town. They feel a personal connection to the story as if it mirrors their own experiences. However, some Pashtoon friends felt uneasy, thinking we portrayed their community negatively. I want to clarify that ‘Khaie‘ doesn’t depict any specific tribe or community—it’s a fictional world. The characters exhibiting rivalry or cruelty are just that: characters. Yet, these narratives resonate with many, reflecting the realities present in various tribes.”

Quraishi’s Insights: Embracing Complex Characters

Observing Quraishi portray various shades of grey characters sparks curiosity about why our hero material gravitates towards such roles. He also embodies the notorious Jamal in Hum TV’sZulm,’ written by Rehana Aftab and directed by Ilyas Kashmiri. When asked about this, he shared his insight:

“I’ve actually turned down about 3 or 4 projects because the scripts didn’t appeal to me. Even some projects pitched by friends didn’t strike a chord with me. If something doesn’t excite me, I can’t fully enjoy it. And if I’m not enjoying it, how can I expect my fans and viewers to? It’s crucial to find enjoyment in your work. Unfortunately, we’re lacking in quality scripts. That’s why I chose to work on ‘Khaie‘ and ‘Zulm.’ Both scripts were exceptionally well-written, with everything seamlessly connected. While ‘Khaie‘ turned out to be a surprise hit, ‘Zulm‘ has its own charm. I thoroughly enjoyed portraying both characters.”

From television to the silver screen, Quraishi continues to captivate audiences with his portrayal of unique characters. With projects like Abu Aleeha’s ‘Mango Jutt’ set to release on Bari Eid, and the recently wrapped shooting for Rafay Rashidi’s horror flick ‘Deemak,’ he demonstrates his versatility and knack for surprising viewers.


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