Atif Aslam Gave Up On Cricket Aspiration When ‘Parents Insisted It Had No Scope

The legendary Atif Aslam opened up about his deep-rooted passion for cricket and the serendipitous journey that led him to music superstardom in an interview with RJ Sayema Rahman on Sufiscore.

Reflecting on his remarkable career, Atif humbly attributed his success to the unwavering prayers of his parents, acknowledging the pivotal role their blessings played in shaping his destiny. “You know that feeling you get that you can’t survive this situation but some power would intervene and it was my parents’ prayers,” he fondly reminisced.

Despite his early leanings towards music, Atif revealed a surprising twist in his aspirations. “I had already given up on one passion. I always wanted to be a fast bowler,” he confessed with a hint of nostalgia.

Atif shared how his parents gently steered him towards academics, emphasizing the importance of education over the uncertain prospects of a cricketing career. “I was very good at cricket. So I had given up on that because my parents insisted that education is more important, [cricket] doesn’t have a lot of scope and they were right in saying that. Cricket didn’t have much scope back then, today the case might be different.”

The transition from cricket to music wasn’t seamless for Atif. Armed with his brother’s three-string guitar, he embarked on a musical journey marked by trial and error. “I learned after a whole year that guitars have 6 strings and a standard tuning to follow,” he chuckled, reflecting on his humble beginnings in the world of melodies.

For Atif, music isn’t just a passion—it’s his lifeblood. “For me, my life, my breath, it’s all music,” he confessed, encapsulating the profound connection he shares with his craft.

On the work front, Atif Aslam, who once dominated the Bollywood scene until India banned Pakistani artists seven years ago., will be making his comeback. He is set to captivate audiences once again with a soulful romantic song featured in the upcoming ‘Love Story of the 90s’.


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