“It’s Not True” Mahira Khan Denies Pregnancy Rumours

Recently, several Indian media outlets sparked rumours about superstar Mahira Khan’s pregnancy, citing a Reddit post as the source. Speculations circulated across platforms like Times of India, Pinkvilla, and News18, claiming that Mahira and her husband Salim Karim were expecting their second child.

According to News18, the Reddit post in question hinted at Mahira’s withdrawal from high-profile projects like Netflix’s ‘Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo’ and an unnamed film, suggesting an imminent arrival in August or September. The post seemed to have inside information, alleging that Mahira’s departure from these projects signalled her pregnancy.

However, Mahira Khan has since set the record straight in an exclusive interview with The Express Tribune. “It’s not true that I’m pregnant. And I haven’t left the Netflix series,” she declared, putting an end to the swirling rumours.

Despite Mahira’s clarification, the rumour mill continued to churn. Pinkvilla even took to Instagram, congratulating the couple on their supposed impending parenthood, a move that now appears premature in light of Mahira’s candid denial.

With Mahira’s response, it seems the air has been cleared, and the curtain has drawn on the pregnancy speculations. This episode serves as a reminder of the importance of fact-checking in the media landscape, urging journalists and readers alike to verify sources before accepting news as gospel truth.

The origins of these rumours remain a mystery. Whether they sprouted from Mahira’s recent trip to Dubai or simply caught fire in the fertile ground of Reddit speculation, the truth remains elusive. Yet, with Mahira Khan’s candid denial, one thing is clear: sometimes, the most entertaining stories turn out to be nothing more than hot air.


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