“Why Would I Dwell On Her Past? I Will Dwell On Our Future.”: Jibran Nasir Talks About Mansha Pasha

Jibran Nasir and Mansha Pasha both sat down with FUCHSIA Magazine for a candid discussion. The politician and actress discussed their marriage and professional lives openly and in detail. The couple has been the talk of the town ever since they got married in 2021. 

Everyone has got a strong opinion on Mansha’s status as an actress and Jibran’s political career and activism. The interviewer had her questions ready and did not hold back from asking the tough ones. 

One such topic that came up was the fact that Mansha is a divorcee and her marriage with Jibran is her second one, something that has been cause for judgement hurled at the couple. Jibran, always the gentleman and wanting to shine a light on social issues, handled it head-on.

Jibran’s Response

Jibran began his answer by saying that this wasn’t something that he had planned. He didn’t expect or seek a wife who’d be getting married a second time. He also stated that a lot of this has to do with an individual’s own level of maturity. 

Maturity is needed to understand and acknowledge that people have pasts and past relationships.

“When you weren’t in someone’s life, you can’t sit and make a judgment call on the individual’s decisions, whether they were right or wrong, because you weren’t even there to observe, let alone advise on anything.” explained Jibran. 

He continued, “Why would I dwell on her past? I will dwell on our future.”

Further adding, “She hasn’t done anything criminal in her past.”

He then clarified that one can make judgements on another person’s past depending on the circumstances. If someone has a history of domestic abuse or a criminal past, then that is where you can have an opinion on someone.

While some other men may have stumbled upon this question, Jibran also took this opportunity to shine a light on a huge issue in our society. He talked about the taboo that is second marriage, particularly in the case of women, citing Veer Zara to make a point. 

“Whenever India makes Veer Zara, Zara will be Pakistani and Veer will be Indian. And when it is made in Pakistan, Zara will be Indian and Veer will be Pakistani.” 

He further elaborated, “Gender and gender propriety play a role here, where we feel that if you’ve married a woman, you’ve won her. And then it comes up – who won first? Who was here first? This is a small, sick mentality in our society, unfortunately. She isn’t property, she’s a human being.”

Jibran is a class act, and we hope his words don’t fall on deaf ears. We hope for nothing but the best for the happy couple and that they continue to not shy away from such topics. 


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