5 TV Screen Moments That Made The Nation Go Crazy

Pakistani dramas have consistently captivated audiences within the country, but across the border, reactions vary. While some viewers blindly adore the narratives, others aren’t afraid to critique and spark debates. Yet, there are instances where the TV screen ignites a frenzy among Pakistani audiences, sparking lively discussions on social media.

Do Takkay Ki Aurat ‘ in Mere Pas Tum Ho and the buzz

ARY’s ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’, helmed by director Nadeem Baig, and written by Khalil Ur Rahman Qamar, created seismic waves in the drama industry. The narrative, delving into a woman’s conflicted journey between love and societal pressures, famously labeled as ‘Do Takay Ki,‘ ignited a nationwide discourse. While some echoed the sentiment that a materialistic woman’s value is limited to ‘Do Takay,’ feminists fiercely opposed the depiction of women’s degradation, condemning the reinforcement of traditional gender roles and entrenched patriarchy. This dialogue remains a potent catalyst in gender-based discussions, fueling social media fervour for months on end.

Reliving the Iconic: Humsafar’sMummy, Ye Ap Kiya Kehrahi Hain‘ Moment

Remember that iconic scene from Hum TV’s ‘Humsafar’? When Khirad – played by Mahira Khan, stands up to her mother-in-law – played by Atika Odho, confronting her over the lies she tells to her son Ashar – played by Fawad Khan, that moment where Khirad couldn’t do much except say, “Mummy, ye aap kya keh rahi hain.” It hit us right in the feels and still resonates years later and continues to be a viral sensation, fueling the creativity of memers, especially during Ramadan when aftari memes flood our feeds. And who can forget when the ‘Ehd e Wafa’ actor, Osman Khalid Butt, resurrected it eight years ago? He used it as the ultimate clapback to shut down doubts about Mahira Khan’s acting chops. It’s proof that sometimes, a simple line can say it all.

Chai Ki Piyali Moment: When Zaroon proposed Kashaf

As Pakistanis are so fond of Chai, this very thing plays a big part in Kashaf – played by Sanam Saeed and Zaroon’s – played by Fawad Khan, love story in Hum TV’s ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ – directed by Sultana Siddiqui, written by Umera Ahmed, when Zaroon proposes Kashaf in his teacher’s room, and got interrupted as someone enters to offer the two some tea. It’s a whirlwind few seconds, as a cup of tea is spilt and Zaroon grabs hold of it to save Kashaf’s hands. Yes, it’s a kind gesture to grab hold of a cup like that to save someone – but most wouldn’t really think twice. Who even wonders that an oddly chai ki piyali could change so much for them, well it’s definitely the love that changed Kashaf’s mind and this moment will be cherished as one of the best scenes from their love story, the internet still gone crazy sometimes over it.

The Controversial Scene in Tere Bin: Why Makers Why?

It was the drama that had everyone buzzing in 2023 – Geo Entertainment’s ‘Tere Bin’ – directed by Siraj Ul Haq and written by Nooran Makhdoom. But the excitement turned to disbelief when Episode 46 took a dark turn. The episode’s climax featured a shocking scene where Meerab slapped Murtasim and spat on his face during an argument. Murtasim’s enraged reaction, forcefully pushing Meerab onto the bed and slamming the door shut, left viewers stunned. This scene sparked serious concerns, hinting at potential marital rape or assault in the next episode. Twitter exploded with hashtags like “shame on ‘Tere Bin’ makers,” as fans voiced their disappointment. It was definitely the talk of the town online.

Shahmeer Sikandar’s Dance Moves in Ishq Murshid

Internet has gone crazy over Bilal Abbas dance moves as Shahmeer Sikandar in Hum TV’s ‘Ishq Murshid’ – directed by Farooq Rind and written by Abdul Khaliq Khan, the dance sequence in episode 14 lit the Twitter (X) up, fans couldn’t help themselves but to praise Bilal’s acting skills as he portraying two different character and nailing it in both. TikTokers set the stage and reel games turned on, netizens copied the moves from the ‘Kuch Ankahi’ star and impressed their audience, but one can’t forget the moment that why it happened. Because our hero didn’t want to spoil the love of his life Shibra played by Durrefishan Salem, and somehow managed it but killed the silver screen with his dance moves.

These moments underscore the profound impact content holds in audiences’ lives. Whether evoking happiness, sadness, or anger, the issues brought to the limelight by makers resonate deeply with viewers. It’s crucial to present content on the TV screen that not only makes sense but also positively impacts the audience, fostering meaningful engagement and reflection.


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