Asim Azhar Strikes Gold Again With His Latest Music Video ‘Saiyyan’ With Sajal Aly

Once again, Asim Azhar has delivered, cementing his status as a national treasure in the music industry. After much hype and anticipation around it, Asim’s latest song ‘Saiyyan’ has finally released. The song features Sajal Aly alongside Asim in themesmerizing music video. 

Described as a “poignant Urdu song for heartbroken souls,” Saiyyan underlines the intricate layers of love, portraying the overwhelming weight of apathy and frustration that often accompanies the pain of heartbreak. Essentially a breakup song, Saiyyan aims to resonate with individuals through the aftermath of a breakup.

Penned and composed by Hassan Ali and with vocals rendered by Asim Azhar, Saiyyan‘ has swiftly captivated fans, garnering praise mere hours after its release, and rightfully so. The music, infused with a soothing quality, combined with Asim’s soulful voice, effortlessly conveys the complex emotions of heartbreakand stages of a romance blooming and then dying with time. 

Asim Azhar’s rendition of the song showcases his exceptional vocal skills, with each note delivered with heartfelt emotion and impeccable control, further cementing his status as one of Pakistan’s most talented vocalists.

The melody, composition, and tune exude a gentle yet profound essence, offering a cathartic and soul-searching experience to listeners. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that Saiyyan‘ has the potential to become the next breakup anthem for Pakistanis. 

A visual masterpiece

Yasir Jaswal’s direction of the music video for “Saiyyan” is nothing short of a masterpiece, meticulously crafted from start to finish. As a multiple-time winner of the Best Music Video Director award, Yasir Jaswal’s expertise shines through, leaving no detail overlooked in bringing this visual spectacle to life. 

The color grading is exceptionally executed, complementing the dynamic visuals and transporting viewers to a magical fantasy from the very beginning. The color grading is well done. All scenes are well shot, Sajal Aly and Asim Azhar standing on a magnificent balcony to the scenes set in the restaurant. 

Sajal Aly’s presence in the music video is truly captivating, as she effortlessly embraces her character and conveys a range of emotions through her expressive eyes. Not only does Sajal exude stunning beauty and dreamy elegance, but her styling is also flawlessly executed, enhancing her on-screen persona.

Sajal previously has also made appearances in music videos, including Shehzad Roy’s Tum Ho To where she collaborated to raise awareness for learning opportunities for women in the IT sector, and Atif Aslam’s Rafta Rafta where she left us impressed as always. 

Asim Azhar solidifies his status as one of the most celebrated singers of the country

Asim Azhar has etched his name in the sands of time, consistently delivering musical gems that leave us impressed. From the heart-wrenching ‘Jo Tu Na Mile’ featuring the charismatic Iqra Aziz to the soul-stirring Ghalat Fehmi’ for the silver screen film ‘Superstar’, to the mesmerizing Bulleya in collaboration with Shae Gill, Asim has proved time and again that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. 

As we eagerly wait what musical marvels he’ll unveil next, one thing’s for sure that Asim Azhar is on a trajectory to greatness, and we’re here for every melodious moment. 


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