Bold Moves And Broken Toes: Ayesha Omar’s Trutti Frutti Experience

Ayesha Omar recently shared insights into filming the item number Trutti Frutti for ‘Karachi Se Lahore’ helmed by director Wajahat Rauf In in an interview with Geo Digital. When asked about her fondest project memory, she indulged in a trip down memory lane.

“Many are unaware that I shot that item number with a broken toe” Omar began the story with a revelation.

“Initially, it wasn’t even part of the film’s plan, but Wajahat altered it. As I sang the song, I mustered the courage to dance along. Clad in the traditional dance attire of Lehnga and Chouli, I donned a jacket over it. However, upon arriving on set, facing over three hundred men made me uneasy. Upon shedding my jacket, their stares felt overwhelming and unsettling. It was a challenging and somewhat traumatic experience. I confided in Wajahat, expressing my inability to proceed with the dance number. His response was like: “You’ll have to do it, we only have two nights to shoot this.” And of course, I did.”

Omar continued by sharing a pivotal moment: “To truly immerse myself in the atmosphere, I approached the men and made a heartfelt request.”

“I approached them, conveying my discomfort about performing an item number in front of a large audience of men. Despite my apprehension, I acknowledged the professional obligation and committed to the task. With humility, I appealed to them: ‘I kindly request that there be no whistling, hooting, or making videos while I dance and even in the breaks.”

They all reassured me, saying, ‘Theek Hai Jee’ to put me at ease, Ayesha elaborated.

“What initially felt like a daunting memory transformed into a surprising delight. Despite the initial discomfort, the song became a hit, and I ultimately executed it with finesse, Ayesha reflected, turning a challenging experience into a good memory.”

In her latest cinematic endeavour, ‘Taxali Gate‘, – directed by Abu Aleeha, Omar mesmerizes audiences with her portrayal of a prostitute, marking not only a captivating performance but also her debut as a producer. As we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this new chapter in her career, we are drawn deeper into the intrigue of her multifaceted talents.


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