The Burning Mystery: How Many Episodes Will Khaie Have?

One would have to be living under a rock to remain oblivious to the phenomenal popularity that the drama ‘Khaie’ has garnered. Despite being barely two months old, it has spread like wildfire, captivating audiences far and wide.

A production of 7th Sky Entertainment, ‘Khaie‘ has been penned by Saqlain Abbas and directed by Wajahat Hussain. A revenge saga with intriguing violence intertwined with hints of romance, ‘Khaie’ has certainly raised the bar.

This leads us to the burning question: how many episodes will ‘Khaie’ have? With the drama airing four episodes per week, the plot is unfolding rapidly and has the audience entirely hooked. However, interesting revelations have come to light regarding the total number of airing episodes.

A mystery

While it remains a mystery how many episodes Saqlain Abbas actually penned down, and with the completion of the shoot and post-production, how many episodes ended up being made, Saqlain Abbas revealed in a conversation with Kya Drama Hai that the drama has been completely written and shot. When asked about the total number of episodes, he revealed that there were 24-25. Regarding ‘Khaie‘ airing four episodes per week, he stated, “I would want ‘Khaie’ to continue to air for a long time. But it was the decision of our bosses to decide that ‘Khaie‘ will have four episodes per week, considering its popularity.”

Having said that, previously it has been reported that the leading stars of ‘Khaie’ drama revealed different numbers about the total running episodes, ranging from 12-18, with everyone providing a different number.

Interesting twist to the plot

An interesting twist to the plot came to light in an interview with FUCHSIA Magazine. When asked about an increase in the total number of episodes of ‘Khaie,‘ Faysal Qureshi, who plays the character of Channar Khan in the drama, replied that there can only be a maximum of fifty episodes. He stated, “We also knew wrong about the total number of episodes but then we got to know about this.” However, he emphasized that regardless of the number of episodes, good dramas should continue to air.

If we are being honest, in this day and age, current trends are changing rapidly, with a shift in audience demands. Considering no one has enough time to tune in to watch a dragged-out drama due to popularity, it inevitably results in compromising the quality. We hope ‘Khaie’ does not fall victim to this, and the audience enjoys an immersive experience.


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