5 Previous Ramadan Plays To Watch Before This Ramadan

With Ramadan approaching, let’s reminisce about the unforgettable dramas that captivated us year after year. As we anticipate this year’s lineup, let’s revisit our favourites and tune in if you haven’t already. From heartwarming family sagas to captivating romantic tales, these dramas hold a special place in our hearts.

Suno Chanda

‘Suno Chanda’, the OG drama that revolutionized Ramzan entertainment, introduced a whole new genre for Pakistani dramas. Penned by Saima Akram Chaudhary and directed by Ahsan Talish, it showcased the delightful chemistry between Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz as Arsal and Jiya, respectively, who are cousins entrapped in a forced marriage. The central plot revolves around their efforts to do anything possible to break their marriage, and how their schemes result in anarchy and chaos.

The drama earns a special spot in every viewer’s heart with daily spats, alongside DJ’s money-making schemes, Shahana’s Punjabi quirks, and Jalal Khan’s Pashto charm. From Kinza and Sherry’s clever manoeuvres to Bi Jaan and Shah Jahan’s earnest attempts to maintain harmony, every episode brims with laughter and heartwarming moments, making it a perfect watch to unwind after a hectic day.

Chaudhry & Sons

Geo Entertainment debuted a romantic-comedy Ramzan drama titled ‘Chaudhry and Sons’, another creation by the renowned writer Saima Akram Chaudhry and directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain. This show, ‘Chaudhry And Sons’, unfolds within a Punjabi household infused.

At its heart lies Chaudhry Dildaar, the patriarch of the Chaudhry family, renowned for his unwavering adherence to family traditions. However, a fracture in these values arises with his daughter Sabahat, who defied conventions by marrying outside the caste, leading to her being separated from the family. Tragically, Sabahat and her husband met with a fatal accident, leaving behind their daughter Parisa (portrayed by Ayeza Khan) in the care of her grandmother Malka Begum (played by Irsa Ghazal). Unknown to the Chaudhry household, Parisa and Malka Begum arrive, setting the stage for a series of unforeseen events.

As Billu Chaudhry (played by Imran Ashraf) falls for Parisa, the drama grips the audience with a romantic tale combined with situational comedy, centred around the Chaudhry family.

Ishq Jalebi

‘Ishq Jalebi’, the underdog among Ramzan dramas, emerged as a refreshing departure from mainstream trends, carving a niche for itself with its nuanced storytelling and quality content. Penned by the prolific Saima Akram Chaudhry and guided by the visionary direction of Syed Wajahat Hussain, ‘Ishq Jalebi’ unfolds a tale of romance, family bonds, and light-hearted banter.

Centred around Basim, a young man harbouring dreams of settling abroad, and Bela, a responsible and mature girl finding solace in her grandfather’s care after losing her parents, the drama explores the dynamic between two cousins with contrasting personalities. While Bela embodies diligence and optimism, Basim often finds himself mired in complaints and inconveniences.

Despite its unconventional approach, ‘Ishq Jalebi’ captivated audiences with its soft and mature narrative, portraying the gradual blossoming of romance into a beautiful relationship. Eschewing the exaggerated humour and over-the-top characters typical of Ramzan dramas, it stood out for its subtlety and realistic portrayal of human emotions.

Fairy Tale

HUM TV’s ‘Fairy Tale’, helmed by director Ali Hassan and penned by Sarah Majeed, presents a fresh narrative centred around the struggles of youth, particularly highlighting the pervasive influence of money and greed. The story follows Umeed, a young girl from a middle-class background, whose aspirations of living a fairy-tale life lead her on a quest for quick wealth. However, as she embarks on her journey, Umeed discovers that reality is far from fantastical, and every dream comes with a price. Through encounters with eccentric characters and life lessons, she learns the true essence of happiness and the importance of inner strength.

The drama offers a unique perspective on parenting, family dynamics, and the significance of financial independence for women. Furthermore, the chemistry between Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail adds an extra layer of charm, enhancing the portrayal of the love story between two contrasting personalities.

Chupke Chupke

Directed by Danish Nawaz and written by Saima Akram Chaudhry, ‘Chupke Chupke’ revolves around the Nawab Family, led by Nawab Sahab, who has two wives – Naik Parwar and Naik Bakht. Despite having two households, Nawab Sahab treats both wives equally.

The storyline delves into the lives of their children and grandchildren, presenting an influx of humorous situations and intriguing characters. Each character adds a unique flavour to the drama with their eccentricities and quirks.

At the heart of the narrative are Faazi (played by Osman Khalid Butt) and Meenu (portrayed by Ayeza Khan), two individuals with contrasting personalities. While Faazi is mature and sophisticated, Meenu is loud and carefree. Their marriage sets the stage for an entertaining journey as the audience witnesses their unlikely romance unfold.

Which one will be on top of your watch list?


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