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I am a doctor,a foodie and a traveller. The aroma of Popcorn ,the peculiar sensation of being in a darkened theatre,enjoying a Film, intrigues & gives me a reason to promote Pakistani Cinema. [email protected]
Babar Ali death threats

Actor Babar Ali flies out of the country amid death threats

In a shocking development, renowned Film and television actor Babar Ali has fled Pakistan to the United States of America amid death threats. The actor plans on staying overseas until the issue gets resolved...
Yasir Hussain Comedy

Yasir Hussain’s comedy to not grace ‘Senti Aur Mental,’ and here is why?

With Karachi Se Lahore, Lahore Sey Aagey, and then Arth 2, Yasir Hussain and his comedy have become a household name ever since his film debut in 2015. There has been no turning back...

This is the story of tangible and non-tangible growth of Pakistani cinema in 2018

Film and other forms of art have a direct relationship with the socioeconomic configuration of a society. In Pakistan's case, for instance, the era of 60s and early 70s witnessed a robust growth in...