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Feroze Khan

Here’s What We Thought Of Feroze Khan’s Latest Rap Song

Feroze Khan doesn't need an introduction. He is one of the most sought-after actors in the Pakistani television industry, having worked on one mega-project after another. His dramas, namely, 'Khaani', 'Romeo Weds Heer', 'Khuda...

Tich Button: High Powered Trailer With Engaging Storyline

Earlier this year, the cast of the multi starrer 'Tich Button' announced the release date of the film. The entire cast including heart throb Farhan Saeed, the very gorgeous Iman Ali, Sonya Hussyn and...

Netizens Talk About What They Have Learned From ‘Chauraha’

From the very beginning Geo Entertainment's 'Chauraha' had taken up a very different narrative. The story brought about was cliched, the effects of social media, but its execution was relatively different and rather impressive....
HUM TV dramas

Decline In HUM TV’s Content: Is There Hope With Upcoming Dramas?

Perhaps most of our TV experience has come from HUM TV. Sigh, what quality of dramas the channel used to bring. There wasn't a single opponent for HUM TV when it came to dramas...

Celebrities Getting Pakistan’s Highest Honours On 75th Independence Day

This year marks the 75th year of independence for the country and to commemorate the occasion, 253 Pakistani citizens from all walks of life, as well as foreign nationals, were awarded the highest honors:...

Phaatak Bravely Exposes Dark, Taboo Underbelly Of Society

While most content bombards us with the same stale narratives, the youth mostly is in search of platforms that bring about entertaining and relatable content. Such an OTT platform that has emerged is Pikchur...

Sang-e-Mah Leaves Fans Torn With Polarizing Final Episode

HUM TV's masterpiece, Sang-e-Mah came to an end. Although the drama didn't come at par with its predecessor of a similar name (Sang-e-Mar Mar) it did, however, make a place for itself in the...

Faysal Qureshi And Yasra Rizvi Open Up About Their Shelved Films

A film is not just made. A lot of hard work, money, aspirations, expectations and time goes into simply planning a film, let alone executing its production. From finding the right screenwriters to pen...

Alizeh Shah In Hot Water After Eveready Pictures Files Complaint

Who doesn’t know the doe-eyed beauty, Alizeh Shah? Not a newcomer anymore, Alizeh Shah has now been a regular part of the Pakistani television industry for quite a few years now. She has done...

Bollywood Copied Load Wedding, But That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Seems like Bollywood is running low on original stories to create. Perhaps, having imposed a ban on Pakistani artists, our neighboring film industry is not only running short on talent, but ideas as well....